Carson Kressley Decorates 'GMA' Set in 1 Hour

Carson Kressley transforms the set of "Good Morning America" for Christmas.
2:58 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Carson Kressley Decorates 'GMA' Set in 1 Hour
Carson has been rushing around like crazy for almost an hour now. And yes we are just about at a time minutes left for his final touches before Carson reveals how -- transformed our fact. But let's look at what he's gone through to create his. Crazy Christmas wonderland. Well happy holidays people it's almost time for the holiday season my biggest -- over yet is making over this. Studio -- Good Morning America self. I thought I hit the streets of new York and get some inspiration. -- right now this is what I call it street okay. The quiet in the blue maybe out of -- Brad Good Morning America below is exactly what I'm thinking. Can I get one of these. That -- the holiday shops at Bryant Park. -- do the shopping I think -- will do something like this tons and tons of ornaments and bush chandelier. -- -- put -- on the G and they charge and love this whole shoes section we'll look at this -- -- -- Looks -- -- and this is giving me an idea. For my own handcrafted ornaments stay -- Have you decorated your home yet now we now have to carry and Jewish -- You've been well miles we'll talk -- got a menorah in the -- honey don't you worry. OK. -- time. Looking -- my best inspiration comes from looking at holiday windows at stores. -- popped over Lord & Taylor to get an idea. You're in charge of the windows basically Iraq. So tell me about like. Where you got your inspiration for the windows as your Lord & Taylor will be found. A picture from 1941. And it was an illustration of Santa Claus and illustration perhaps the question what does Christmas mean. -- seventy years later we decided let's go to the source and has children what does Christmas mean. I love stay on eight sticks and totally stealing his her idea witness happy everything. -- I just what. A closer look truck -- inside absolutely. So I get special VIP access and went downstairs into the basement actually under Fifth Avenue. To see where the windows -- all stars. OK I've got one more thing to check off my list and -- pop in the Macy's the -- -- -- -- may I hold off all its -- at all anybody yours it's real little effect rain heavy morning America whole movie and you weren't simply. I would say. Mississippi. Bull bull bull bull bull bull whole global Merry Christmas everybody -- everybody's. Everybody happy hammering.

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{"id":15054935,"title":"Carson Kressley Decorates 'GMA' Set in 1 Hour","duration":"2:58","description":"Carson Kressley transforms the set of \"Good Morning America\" for Christmas. ","url":"/GMA/video/gmas-extreme-holiday-makeover-15054935","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}