Golden Globe Nominations 2013: Who Are the Big Surprises?

Chris Connelly explains why some selections are more surprising than others.
3:23 | 12/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Golden Globe Nominations 2013: Who Are the Big Surprises?
Hollywood awards season kicking off. Nominations for the golden globes are in right now. And we've got our award man, chris connelly, with the big headline. Remember the years in the past when the cute foreign films were doing well and winning everything? Forget about it. Remember when the supporting actress has the adorable up-and-coming actors and stuff? Forget about it. The movies nominated at the golden globes are big aude pictures. Three or four of them. They have a great chance of winning lots of awards and still getting a lot of audience support. What are the big ones? Let's look at best drama to begin. You have "argo" the ben affleck movie. "Life of pi," "lincoln," and "zero dark thirty." It's so controversial, it's not even out yet. It's terrific. You know how much they'll be talking about it. Look at the best supporting actress category to get an idea of how much competition there will be there. Amy adams for "the master," sally field for "lincoln," anne hathaway for "les mis." Helen hunt for "the sessions." Helen hunt is supporting, as well? Yeah. They went for supporting. They ran away from best actor. And all three of them could be best actress. They're terrific. And best musical comedy. "Best exotic marigold hotel." And "salmon fishing in yemen." "Les mis" is it lining up like a juggernaut? This is a movie that people have yearned for for so long. A big audience movie. An old-school broadway show that appeals to young people. Everyone knows the music. At least I do. Hugh jackman has a great chance to win best musical/comedy. And anne hathaway's performance. You walk out of that movie, and you can't stop singing the songs. And she's going to compete against sally field. What a competition that will be. And helen hunt. Two, good movies, too. I was seeing they were actually singing the songs live. They didn't go to the studio to record. While they were on the set, they were singing the sets, which brought the emotion to it. It's so much movie, if it was made by hollywood from the beginning, it would be in three parts. "Les miserables." Even more miserable. Tv again, wonderful performances from "modern family" doing well. Sofia vergara up there. And "modern family" for best comedy. You have best actor. It's daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." And maybe everybody else can stay home. Really? Richard gere. And john cross was amazing in "the sessions." Joaquin phoenix, in "the master." He went for best actor. And philip seymour hoffman went for supporting actor. That's was the decision by the studio. We're starting to see the trailers. We're starting to see the ads. What should we expect? Let's put it this way. The airline version of this movie will be shorter than the safety video. That's the last line. Chris connelly, thank you very

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{"id":17962043,"title":"Golden Globe Nominations 2013: Who Are the Big Surprises?","duration":"3:23","description":"Chris Connelly explains why some selections are more surprising than others.","url":"/GMA/video/golden-globe-nominations-2013-big-surprises-17962043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}