Emma Watson and Julia Roberts Cause Fashion Buzz With Unconventional Gowns

Both actresses were sporting two-looks-in-one with their daring dresses.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emma Watson and Julia Roberts Cause Fashion Buzz With Unconventional Gowns
watson and julia roberts just stopping traffic on the golden globes' red carpet. Their unconventional outfits. "Gma" contributor melissa rycroft has the details. Yes, good morning, la. Now, both actresses had two looks in one. How well did they pull off their fashion statements and are they looks you can pull off? Elegance, drama and both couture, the golden globes red carpet was packed with major fashion show stoppers but two unique looks in particular that had heads turning and people talking. It was the biggest fashion -- first up harry potter star emma watson stunning them in this peek abu pants number by christian dior. What I loved about it, she looked demure from the front and complete drama in the back, a modern fresh perspective of how to dress. Definitely the ink tension of the look. Cameron silver owners of decades in los angeles knows watson has rocked the pants look before and said we should expect to see it even more in the future. I think this look would be a hint of what we might see in paris in the couture shows. Reporter: The other look, julia roberts' dolce & gabbana number. The ensemble causing a frenzy designed just for her. This year she gave us a new idea and, I think a lot of people were surprised. You know, she's's a trendsetter in her nonfashionista way. She's never a fashion victim. She wears what she likes. Dole kay and gabbana custom-made this for her and I thought it was really flattering. Reporter: Julia told ryan seacrest she tried on four or five dresses before she made her choice. This is what I was looking for. Reporter: Looking for a similar style, silver says it's easy to do. We put together these red carpet lks with clothes available at decades, white shirt, black strapless dress, a jeweled belt and here we've got a beautiful chiffon dress and a pair of opaque tights. It's that easy to get the red carpet look. Now, there were rumors julia got the dress and decided to put the shirt on underneath. Yeah, but then we heard dolce and gabbana custom-made it. Do they like it or not? I liked it. Adorable. All right. Thanks. Coming up, our super saver money secrets.

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{"id":21524999,"title":"Emma Watson and Julia Roberts Cause Fashion Buzz With Unconventional Gowns","duration":"3:00","description":"Both actresses were sporting two-looks-in-one with their daring dresses.","url":"/GMA/video/golden-globes-2014-emma-watson-julia-roberts-fashion-21524999","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}