Good Afternoon America 8/6: 'GAA' Rumor Has It: J-Lo and Casper Cooling Off?

Cindy Crawford Enacts a No-Makeup Rule for Daughter; 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: End of Monogamy?
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Transcript for Good Afternoon America 8/6: 'GAA' Rumor Has It: J-Lo and Casper Cooling Off?
Good afternoon American. What the visiting a peep show -- looking for an ATM. And he is monogamy dead and -- these -- the always hilarious need to -- Nash in our studio to go -- go -- -- Some -- not. It looks like trashed by. Treasurer the father daughter love Redmond hit so hard -- upon. We'll find hidden cash in -- Audiences stopped. Spencer. -- -- -- -- Really for you. I think walked across half the country. We did so yeah. Sort of technically think I'm thinking of you that's what friends are part of president what does -- -- honestly come there for you ever broccoli. Yes that before we get into that the business of the -- I didn't wanna share -- everybody if you've never done the world's longest yard sale along route 127. -- make runs from Alabama to Michigan. I -- my mother to the mother of all yard south and it was -- -- -- out every hour. Time and we're gonna do peace the only good afternoon American and also have a really funny wants -- good -- -- the best case. I'm what it really my TV market Chattanooga song I'm partial to Tennessee. And now we did find some good times and this thing stretches -- literally stretches that far and actually see what I want you -- -- three states we knew we needed through Tennessee Alabama and Georgia apparently yeah. -- you know I'm very passionate. You've got to focus got to get to that's a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. She's so honest. Just get -- this article -- -- he's a big liar yeah. Indeed they will not hold back all right well what you should tap. The interwebs they give it today favorite -- video Olivia can take a look at it's taking us the African coast and backward that. -- -- -- loves himself -- women that really loves himself some dolphins soul I'll call my. How good is this almighty are you sure you don't see. Names we help them. Yeah. I really do particular. Just roll it demeans him I mean that -- right there is this yes that's. And how one person getting video and it's remarkable yeah -- -- -- fetch six day. It's not often I'm really jealous of -- command. Lots of intriguing stories out there show we get to them first up a remarkable one we actually brought Christy on Good Morning America earlier July 28 the date. -- rock Batman goes on a daily swim off the beach off of Long Island and disappears. Left behind. His cell -- wallet clothes and shoes his wife of -- frantically -- massive land and sea search for him five days later. She says she found new emails between Raymond and his son Jonathan. Implying some kind of insurance scam she caught off on Omaha gets better a day later. He's arrested for speeding in South Carolina I. -- and Raman in right now upon Iraq seeking a protection order turns out her husband had tripled his life insurance and changed his will would exclude. Merck she claims he's now sending her threatening and abusive messages. Thus exposing him it would seem he has reappeared from that swim -- host of -- I had -- routinely exposed himself. Raymond and with a lead foot Steve Patterson has to be somewhere in the Atlantic -- -- -- There very frightened goat restaurant the -- driven out. Also out this should make some of you feel good maybe some of you not feel so good and put me really at risk here. New moms so called -- -- is dismissed. It's the finding of a new university study about memory of that compared -- -- mothers of babies with women who don't have children. Turns out the women with newborn -- six symbols for ten seconds then asked to draw what they remembered not moms and babies ages ten to 24 months consistently. Outpace the -- -- women. Findings seem to counter the conventional wisdom that after giving birth moms experience a decline in memory and cognitive function in the study and you do know his colleagues. -- This mess all right it also applies it may be that the man of the brain -- -- itself. So that women can quickly school out in environments and mom I'd also I don't really want to be the one indicting childless women on national television show. Again this is just the finding of -- study I still can't say here's how -- you. I am very very well now these angry I don't I had what I -- quickly -- -- the exits here. -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- caught a lot of heat when she -- her ten year old daughter. -- the model for Versace. I'm really a beautiful little girl but many many people thought that the -- made -- look. Way too -- too fast look at her. And she is -- this spitting image of her -- will now Cindy clearly has -- -- the message loud and clear she's slowing things down. As she has enacted a strict no make up policy for her mini me saying she does not want to try to look older than she -- And -- -- -- model but very occasionally apparently the phone's ringing off the -- For whatever there's a ten year old modeling job. But she doesn't want her baby girl to wait until she's seventeen before she makes moved to super mom mom supermodel -- -- -- -- -- -- No way I am -- I'm thinking thirteen like for the here piecing and then you're you know -- just like we brushed our lives into his back -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is gonna churn for. In just a few weeks now and then she's off to the Belgian -- Also in -- news what we always suspected turns out to be true man. Then Tampa based on what waitresses are wearing this is not let me just. Sounds according to a new study comes out of the university of south -- -- female. -- says -- Mary -- scientific study -- yeah. Female waitresses who Wear rat bit tend to get better tips from -- than any other color women however didn't seem to care what color their own. Waitresses wore but I suspect that waiters would get better -- Some women -- -- if they just well hey I think I think there's a magic -- Yeah anybody out there who works I was a waitress I was honest -- to help you make a little bit more money. Get out to charge and buy -- -- T shirt. I don't -- you know what you want wanted to just keep the company can't keep that -- become the -- yet be nice to be nice yeah that always helps him yeah. And finally -- -- playing different plane didn't seem to look shy about his and his wife on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of the entire world but apparently. He lives in fear. I'll be ready to kiss cam knew how the tradition of sporting event. The camera cuts to a couple in the crowd and he's doing at the president and the First Lady have done it. Punch and it. David back Madonna Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson happy. -- the prince just told BBC that he as he sat in the bleachers at at Olympic events he dreaded being put on the spot. And forced into PD NA. What I apparently he's -- -- took a really cool interview he has brother Harry. -- the BBC yesterday did the most relaxed adorable interview with that talk regularly that I know allowed -- talk but he is so nice to see whales. That are relaxed and -- you know not so formal. Okay I like he's did dentist could do would stay out really -- do. It's you know I'm I'm wondering if there's anybody in the crowd I think our GA audience is not afraid of well hello. I am crazy thing is the -- on even though job. -- that come up six. Okay. It's great welcome back good afternoon America just. And -- Lara Spencer and we're taking on another burning topic this time talking about monogamy. Isn't time. -- -- talked about this -- provocative question. You know the Daily Mail all real housewives star. Adrian live. She tried to save her nine year marriage by having an open relationship to bailing out I had the article remains content. It didn't help shockingly cold and I know that's hard -- believe. If those to you can't make it. Okay now I have an idea to hire more people went from zero -- -- -- and get more cameras. Re search. -- -- UCL actually dis proves it disproving a widely believed to theory. That men are at fault hard wired in fact of the young people but -- women -- monogamy in fact scientists are finding that women are just as likely. To be just as more -- so Laura. Becoming a thing of the past. Asked what -- that we find. I think we showed we've invited two experts to tackle the question which represented the guys put -- viewing of out of Richmond he's most of out of Richmond -- -- -- Okay. -- really want Richmond that I. -- -- -- -- -- Right -- yeah what do you think. You know what I don't think monogamy is dying I don't think that it -- I just think that. -- -- -- -- -- -- live monogamy I think you -- our advanced. Don't even to relationship with someone who are already know it. They've already saying I don't want to do this I don't wanna be thankful they show you thousand that you -- anyway would you think it's gonna happen. How do you say I did. -- -- -- So many people out there who are watching who thought that they were -- someone that didn't exhibit any of those signs and and they find themselves in a marriage where there might be. Some questions but isn't really that shouldn't does it really taking nice nice story that way. Yeah let me one day at a guy and you already look at the himself -- ordinary air. Yeah. I don't know -- claim that they have. How many years of marriage is like Michael it makes you more what you O'Grady car. He just didn't bring -- woman I'm -- ever. It's about being on the notion of dudes being blamed look it's up being honest about what you want. Monogamy and does not hinder inability a permit to look at the menu he just can't order that's the big thing if you know look. I want this experience with this particular person with no commitments that it's -- to you. If you want the picket fence in the marriage and everything. Then just went from front experience upon experience is not for you but -- -- just be honest with yourself -- honest with yourself and to be honest with other people. You you've got to sell awfully good best version of yourself forward if you're honest with. -- It is your responsibility to -- leave them. The women I know we do this but man if -- yeah I'm not ready to settle down we think you we give it the good stuff is put -- Yeah huge huge huge hit -- a little bit pregnant I guess he -- if you're maybe a month or something but I think the -- You don't -- talk debt. Look people say what they mean a red flag is a red flag for a reason I -- this great expression. Fallen in love with both -- -- stable over the warm night clothes like let stuff go by the pay attention to the red flags -- red flags for reasons I. I ask you this question you've had you've got it will go all day clearly as I -- I -- -- up -- that we're gonna -- tackle this topic we talk about all the time on us from married have kids and -- one girlfriend is has got a divorce said you know. I hurt her feeling as -- -- -- -- everybody thinks is that marriage was invented when people didn't live Islam. We're. I wanted to ask -- This was like you know back in nineteen in 1823 women -- to their authority and you can -- but now I'm just ask you -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- 900 front -- you are remember years ago Brad -- I don't think that were wired to be monogamous than. We're animals I remember the reading -- -- do you think that edit and monogamy is an outdated notion. You know I do little bit of research in advance of this heavy content is -- conversation yes. Eleven species in the animal kingdom form of -- -- and looting which including the black. Vulture the prairie bowl and I guess you -- the prairie calls the video are. I mean I think I don't. -- -- the notion of monogamy is that I just don't think that we live in a culture where. Monogamy is set I think monogamy is sexy -- find someone you want to build something with us with somebody you know. But I just think like I was just thinking backstage. -- does that make for good rap lyrics -- very seldom hear and Selig talk about you know on this from my apartment every single day. I want one of it changed the conversation however we -- -- not so gender based -- really gender bias that this study kind of shows that everybody's out there doing what. I I I would absolutely agree with that I don't you know let me get a bad -- ladies you already know. But -- -- a woman has -- economy and -- went outside her relationship. She has cleaned out her bank account she got an apartment in her -- they celebrated you don't know how to. On the you know what I think -- women go outside the relationship for a different reason is -- -- an activity is good. If it's good for you tightening you have mentioned with a partner who believe that same idea. Do you all day there America what you. Well I'm not. -- -- Richmond is upset that there's no little humans running our. -- this guy. The dollar worth of cash and they do not even know it's one of these women. Surprised when -- comes back. -- segments. Is all about uncovering cold hard cash that's hiding in plain sight. Time for you -- to -- -- without success and we. -- -- -- gold from hardcore -- -- the audience before the show we found three people. We'll leave here knowing their -- worth perhaps a bit more than they thought a bit more buses more joining us straight out from your TVs are proponents has fueled an Ashley Brown. A -- bring in things because we know that you've all got those things you wonder about it is that -- is -- -- first up we have Victoria. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- becomes GL yeah. Yeah we'll -- -- -- need to do something. -- -- Julia treasure planet that is beautiful settings -- what you tell us about this accordion it -- my great grandfather is from Italy. He played it all the time and sentimental value when -- went -- plays -- them. Did well last lucky. Well this is actually in 1950s according it does ultimately well look -- originally -- the issue of these older ones in the -- the things that you can that are inside of this. It's a 120 -- -- actually flaws you -- -- -- -- the value of that. Back in 1950 probably -- for a hundred bucks today 650. Dollars. The idea is that nice to know rail -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Beckett on 300. -- -- -- -- -- you when you bring up our second. No no no it's it's your friend -- don't -- our state -- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely you know anything about sorry I don't -- serious. I grew up big -- -- World War I infantry rifle. It is essentially a 303 British -- The cool thing about this particular item. Is this little slide here this thing was that when you purchase these nowadays this is a gun cleaning kit that they -- you with that you put the react to you clean it out. You have any idea what the valueless. I have no we -- desperate to get it. My father gave it to me and did and it -- look at Israel itself now it was a gift to him many many years ago I. It's a very cool item from its in. Immaculate condition still this stock is a little -- from what you'd expect. Being in war -- -- right now these guns are worth thousand dollar. Okay. Finally -- -- has here another. Beautiful audience member of what you brought us I wasn't it plant some I -- -- since I was a child for my mom so -- This is beautiful home. Look at the end and then what are -- -- -- the page your little weight thing that's down I don't I don't wait Victoria. She's like professions -- really -- This isn't -- to have a lot of -- yes it does. It's 750 selecting and 750. Right wing -- -- eighteen -- so that's good how fast and so this isn't work. 18190. Dollars and or. 500 by. You definitely have a treasure found -- being yeah okay. It might not be -- -- com is this the picture that could break out. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart and -- my. Okay. -- Amanda behind. Latest run in with a -- -- seriously had a -- the rumor mill overflow with right now get a separate fact. From fiction it's rumor has it please welcome founder of gossip cop dot com Michael the witness. Okay. He's been -- Paula froehlich. I guess you gotta start here. That is -- it is not. What are what am -- looking at here what should I be looking at the ATM or that other storm. Well from his perspective the ATM. You know. Definitely he was photographed at the wrong place at the wrong time. He made shameless that's -- -- that would you know again that citizens. The factory floor and -- -- He maintains that he ran in there to go to the ATM. Got his money. Alarms which we expect to assume persuaded by -- out of the us admitted New York. Those buildings of the kind we hold your nose clutch purse and run pass it OK -- only got there was an ATM as opposed using that whenever there doesn't. Italy that he -- every other of the million ATMs in men. My turn to refer their bodies and -- -- that doesn't mean we would what do we know about yes let's not jump to any conclusions. You know lever but we know that he's upset he got. Outside. I thought and prayers are upset and they're threatening -- -- star and other places like that saying that it's false and defamatory saying that he was. Caught cheating when they say he was not quite cheating they're threatening a lawsuit now that's cool I. That makes sense solution really. -- don't tell -- He probably possibly four dollars to use that again I'm send their there are a lot of free. And that I'm saying there are reports that they're breaking up and then we see pictures of them with the kids looking really really happy what do you know about that. Well that's what happened so of course the pictures of him in front of this peep show they say their -- in the relationship there breaking up but the fact of the matter is. Despite that -- they're perfectly fine and they were photographed over the weekend looking happy. Even -- I'm just gonna have a little thing in here. I'm actually a little bit more skeptical -- my call -- think -- PR. I'm skeptical because if we all remembered Jennifer and Ben Affleck -- their first ever going to -- I they were still in love and the next thing we come. The ammunition next to do this I do also kind of feel like she likes the manly men as -- should the -- she stays things are usually the ones with power. And our economy and late this guy is just kind of like -- Chris Jones redux. Okay. I want to move along quickly here other celeb news and it reminds founder -- in Smart card trouble she really just need to hire a driver. -- tried to get comment from on this guys we already get arrested on suspicion -- DUI just a few months ago. And you've seen better days pleading not guilty in court Michael though -- tell us -- It happens Saturday status of this Saturday she rear ended another car. And she got out of the car this time the last time she rear ended a cop drove bought us out this time she learned her lesson. And she got out and she said when you know I see your bumpers a little messed up in the persons of what your cars with me pretty messed up let's exchange insurance she said -- -- is very minor. And drove off again Hollywood. Criminal charges -- well you know they did -- -- hit and run report. Is this the biggest crime you know she's got other stuff to worry about asset thing though is -- people are only remembering these. Hits now not the -- that she had on school -- years ago. Well I mean at the end of the day this is just another stop -- -- the train wreck express. You know it's like to figure skating we're headed for trouble hearing that hearing -- Daily -- that there are problems kind of heading for Lindsay Lohan -- not like any parent that's there at some point you're just like you know what -- he got -- you gotta stop you know what's going to be really good. Melissa but yeah. Okay.

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