Good Afternoon America 8/16: Michael J. Fox Returning to TV

Matthew Broderick on Broadway; Aniston and Angelina's Weddings
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Good Afternoon America 8/16: Michael J. Fox Returning to TV
Good afternoon America -- is racing to the -- -- brand new details about -- proposal from Justin. He started planning the wedding just as Brad Angelina perhaps plots out their -- -- That same time. Revenge makeovers from Reese Witherspoon Jennie Garth how so many women have shaped up and slim down right after -- break up. -- haven't DL here we are here to go to tell -- -- To sharpen. The -- After blockbuster he. Steel city -- big cash just in time for the kids to head back to school. Star power. Matthew Broderick is here taking over time square. From there as you learn to war games. His superstar is stepping into -- eighties a time machine it. -- -- -- -- Another expensive. And on the -- and Philadelphia on a great daddy I know. We have been super busy around here guess we have. Having our. -- -- -- -- They share with -- -- What's -- -- they have a slight chin and I dare call us magazine by the way what look forget watching my back. Which on any given day one never knows ladies and he can relate especially the mama the -- through -- I let's listen. -- -- all right she's got some Chanel eyebrow pencil. In blog here. My eyebrows are super blog yet they are super bond all right you've got some lemon -- we got a lot of that say -- look like an -- and I don't darkness his trip. You the first thing -- I do when we get upset just he's not -- this is true she takes them submit them to make up Bob Powell is right all because otherwise we go out looking like he was. And Alice and potter thanks -- also share a year your hazelnut coffee I do know like literally the governor's chair we now that. MA IG AA coffee is currency. Okay. Okay. I really again it looks really really good banks -- -- I you to -- morning. How how how movie star -- that's true. -- -- yeah yeah they tell me he's -- -- -- -- I don't know. Well I'll let you decide. Rob yes he he -- us on the show this morning Scott big movie -- actually this I was going to be part of the case bundles. Part -- but there is you. With chains beyoncé. Miley Cyrus. A no no no this is good news is that he actually discussed you know what he's got caught and tired arguably no -- star I mean he's got these vandals but he's also got the Hunger Games. He's got everything coming out also we may have gotten into effect that certain that he may have he may have shared his thoughts on the head that and you know what. Could not have been sweeter about it more dashing about it more gentlemanly about it here's helium -- I -- -- yeah. Broderick so -- and. Okay. He's he's going to be played a game of us as well so that should be that should be good the eighty's time machines you know -- Wanna go back to be eighty back. I'm gonna take us all back actually right now -- I believe it was 89 I want to say. Ninety to thank you -- and I. Women -- of the web's best training video of the afternoon it is. Movie stars is the galaxy of stars bringing you a certain song -- recognized take a look and listen. Don't like deep and. Around things can -- yeah. If you Gibson's. Okay. Lot of free time I -- tons -- -- time. Look like somebody give that person -- job if they are talented. Did you my -- on their hands. Thank you but that also some news. And boy it was personally painful. -- I ignored where won the powerball jackpots. We hadn't. I got he would be a -- -- Arguably -- so maybe everybody wins actually understand but one very lucky perhaps -- -- -- -- that's where it was sold Michigan. Holding the 337. Million dollar -- then. That's what -- it is that is the best elements in that. Table -- seventh largest jackpot in US history and so let's take a look at the winning numbers. Again in case it -- -- 6474651. Cities banks and the powerball. 21 odds of getting all six of those numbers a mere one and 175. Million and so there is someone walking or perhaps floating oil. Perhaps -- I would feel I would have gotten a -- I would be sleeping on top of that capital. Closets I would be an undisclosed location it was appear -- -- -- congratulations. OK. Yeah. Products today eBay all is well let's face it no Harry Potter fans knows it actually takes years. -- -- these -- eBay has always helped out. But they're only gonna help -- for two more weeks because that's how long they're going to allow things like. Spells. And potions to -- scolds. Aren't you -- I didn't believe in July when this morning and it's you can pretty much can spell of rainy things like -- this bill. What can I have news yes -- 100% they have love potions they've got they have voodoo dolls -- but opponents. You can turn any -- into a for all right now. Ominous start the -- they get eight. Million. -- of the -- it seriously this is serious and -- When you're doing the news you shouldn't have to actually say this is -- I don't -- I had eight days going out of the spell and publishing business yeah also -- not a case themselves I don't know how you can psychic reading from even though -- -- listen again like by mail became the intro -- are. -- -- Today I I don't pretend to get them. Eight Walt live that he is gone -- not forgotten the king 35 anniversary of Elvis Presley's death and I want to pause. For our own -- -- if you. You know. Clearly not. -- fans hearts and relevant. -- actually last night's vigil it. It's a surprise visit from. His former wife. I'm Lisa Marie respectively. They have appeared together at this. -- gathering. We miss -- king. Do you now. Absolutely -- Yet again -- -- get dry rub reds fired down -- -- -- -- like peanut butter banana sandwiches -- -- Why not let them. I asked does great thank you and I now. -- -- -- Back and one of our favorite Michael J. Fox going back to the future of dean himself back to the small screen for an -- shall. The word on the street and said Michael will be making a TV com back. He's been talking about he's been using some drugs -- really helped him cope with his Parkinson's disease kidnapped teaming up one of the writers have been. Arrested Development. Her talent on the comedy project -- to launch sometime in two. Thirteen felt around the corner hasn't quite deep down the show is reportedly fired by Fox's own. -- -- -- -- News funnyman Alec Baldwin in the news -- for all the right reasons this. These days -- seriously head over heels for his new bride he Larijani. We actually by the light you'll remember she -- here how long -- -- tonight. I -- I nearly split my pants. I never I really good. Yeah but I also -- like every muscle -- But it was so great it made us both realize the other needs to be a part of her -- -- -- Laurie I get why they're so in love and now it is just not for her. -- milestone today it's eight. Thousands -- -- he sent to tell her he dedicated the -- to her. Posting a picture of the couple never before seen on their wedding day taken back in June he added this like 8000 -- is a -- to hacking our involvement. -- -- -- -- Help me here he comes up to -- -- which means I really like your smile to 8000 as -- Latino. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I'm right I'm -- -- -- here. Sorry another day I know a little eye candy for -- and I feel it's -- responsibility. On the giant share review -- things delicious sound therapy. In the world of Madden and -- got. I -- David back on the highest. Another ad campaign operation and underwear to be specific the new ads feature -- fashion icon in. His giving is on a tank top. His look is getting some comparisons to a make believe male model has been hitting -- to -- For the Zoolander his face but nobody's looking interface honey. Com and he's also going to be seen in cities everywhere around the country -- If he stopped traffic in cities near you know here's why these gold statues are now being. Are being erected. -- -- -- I'd say. All of you. This this is now become a daily cross to bear and you -- laugh it up and I. Program yeah. We have some -- -- back to school the only Steelers fans. First that we also revenge makeovers these celebs do. This really takes to be comfortable in your own skin after a big break up -- love. Well. Is about to be yours America welcome back -- get actually back up just and I'm Lara Spencer and say we are talking about celebrities. And body image from revenge makeovers to my -- -- Cyrus is radical haircut what does it take to be comfortable in your owns again. Let's Tony -- yeah. -- -- -- They're ready to go. They are friends of the show they are stupendous. They are. -- love and DOT. This is all star -- spread them. Hillary. So that article in this week's us weekly is about. Revenge makeovers Jennie Garth. -- will Gosling Reese Witherspoon on -- changing your images after a bad break up so. Is this a good idea is this what it takes to get back. Whole again -- comfortable with your image we know. The reason why. Date because. The quality I gotta do is black yellow county. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Want freeways either they did today he would really depresses you need more than. -- All -- let me have a okay. Braves' biggest -- is -- he needed to get -- make -- with a lot of weather. And -- what. We expect Jennie -- content she looks phenomenal -- the volunteers went through -- time recently its footing with. It is hard for me is the woman looked better that disease that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Taking them to bloodthirsty and don't they just maybe one addressed on a team of how does not -- and -- may give you. You all need to let. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of people were. Buzzing -- about Miley Cyrus is drastic. Rather drastic new do we already knew that she's married what anybody -- but what do you remember -- -- -- -- -- think. Actually -- -- -- begin weighed in for the first time on the haircut in the controversy this morning when Nike join us on Good Morning America is not loved what he said he's -- yeah. I don't care. I know you -- that. Honestly -- I think that they didn't let you know you really. That's when you -- Everybody got to cover whatever -- as the -- -- What -- I'll -- happy about to get married Torino they -- look under your. Little -- to be -- Hannah Montana a lot of she's nineteen years old she got limited time to grow -- Bush -- ever experienced at the. I know one person who doesn't -- kids -- -- listen up. Enough I had too much attention stuff isn't that makes me nervous. But but odd bit ahead -- head looks -- and it's it's a big -- and it looks really fantastic. He looks like he is. On some. We -- I would not give me. It's. Done labels -- me. Only in the -- I'm glad I -- Everybody just looks good and I love it Williams said and I. I love unicorn. -- -- -- Let's let I have -- are free to bring up this yeah I don't know what's gonna happen now but -- original about. -- -- decider wanted to feel sexy again she says that she looked great but after two kids she wanted to tweak her body apparently for her upcoming fortieth birthday. As she underwent -- -- -- under the knife so that she could feel quote pretty again and she says it worked out what do you guys think. Do you think waking up bringing sexy back through surgery -- At 48 point two -- Brad Graham made -- see this is what happens when you get it -- -- they don't want to make you feel like I do want an outright because. Obama look good -- it before it just. Yeah well you know look at -- husband out of -- -- they didn't tell. It really going to be. Didn't sound right chance tonight. Okay. You're. Viewing -- and -- -- go. -- I'm for good afternoon American blockbuster deal and steel segment. This is our back to school edition thanks to Tory Johnson. Our audience remember that couple that she points yeah. Act fast gift online now this -- goes under done big G-8 -- dot It goes on what -- whole world. Garrett what are -- doing TV today. Yeah exempt so first up who looks like Xbox isn't -- -- -- Oprah magazine -- time magazine really can't comes just like this you know your pocket hoping he can hold a drink great here in the -- Really excellent final comes it's for a -- containers plus a big container but this already got enough you can tell policy Stanley Johnson saying -- I'm -- yeah no I he's going to waste normally forty -- for each of these we're slashing -- -- 55 person. Eighteen dollars. I'm Scott says the company got lunch box left where you can -- either half the year -- full school year worth of these little cards at sea levels he thinks -- kids and you think your mom gonna put this morning. I wouldn't change a thing about you. Students sent back now -- -- Now I'm -- there's also a jokes addition what remembered visa for little -- idea why can't you play cards in the jungle. DuBois who G -- why. Many. OK. Yeah yeah yeah. We're really getting. It hasn't gone out I even remotely depending on how many -- -- -- -- 48 dollars lasting about 55%. And to -- yeah. We learn anything from mama okay. From I Dili this is a huge collects and settlement company called cool here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great -- -- shatter resistant very cooperatives I don't know -- -- do you know really does live eat there you go yeah dignity and -- look at all the previous -- hundred. 2000 you've got -- -- -- out okay this isn't really cool company called. -- without starting my -- New Jersey who was sort of frustrated that her son was a link between size is yeah that's so she created these ribbon belt adorable go from 88 -- -- -- eight and really really helpful when your kids between decides it's huge selection of the -- thank. For boys and for girl also allowed you gotta find something for everybody relax and I think you got -- they mean -- doesn't -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't belts for your kids. -- -- Yeah yeah. -- him did normally sliding -- does four G-8 UNI. Free shipping as well I did this I know whose wife Mary -- What you didn't give us you know this just like -- this what -- continent is Jennifer Aniston has does want to people on our audience studies if you do you are good friends can't they -- anti. And diet votes. And they were not even dent in your hair which is about us amazing keep -- parent place no debt easing what is left. They look a little bit easier for your hair up -- -- immediately -- is -- -- -- -- and -- frustrating and I. Appealing to note that thinks so that is you get baseball set -- colors there are sixteen and that container instead of 36 dollars. While I'm -- yeah. Hello eighteen bucks -- anything. Okay. -- for providing these great deals could get a higher you know he's got -- codes in the links for the bargains look no dance mom. And I'll get. On the show how little we have -- new details I'm Jen and Justin ONG it's got -- Are gradually not only will you all about -- stand -- there -- a lot of actually. Times Square -- -- what -- you got going on -- When we -- I couldn't help me -- at times plan scrambled. -- wedding bells are. Seemingly ringing for two of the biggest celebrity couples. On the planet but what -- -- -- Jennifer and Angelina as big -- look like. We are -- -- down the island their dreams. I'm here to help us that he's a senior editor at us weekly probably had. You know had a ball given the Larry bag -- is an entertainment community Israel and Katrina -- -- she. Okay. Aniston and Justin -- Engaged last week we believe break here in New York City that was reported at blue held at him. Restaurants and -- coat tail. Not the first time Justin popped the question thirty trips to the. Yes he's proposed several times and he was shot she said yes but whatever yeah. Yeah and he she -- and it was actually -- the residents are before the restaurant the restaurant was sort of a celebration. And that this is the top and I think -- really excited right everywhere -- yeah. Right it's always talking about Brad and Angelina what are they getting married -- chorus is not agenda Muster one out but says she's very Smart. I like about Katrina. The cantata no two ways they can -- turn it into big business or they can go low key low profile what do you see. 100%. Low key low profile Andy yeah. Even when they have a second wedding Bigelow -- there's no fanfare this no beaten down. They're actually doing that but also isn't seasoned -- it's kind of people they really like their privacy they don't want to be in the spotlight. And it's certainly not going to be something big like -- -- with Brad in Malibu overlooking the ocean and 200 people not gonna happen destination. Joining and there are rumors are fighting over -- believe it or not there are doing yeah. Can you believe like he wants a New York wedding a very small ceremony she loves her destination I mean she's always on vacation you know -- -- -- big occasions drinking margaritas like every three months. They want another life. So I need a sort of still arts and of course he was shocked that she actually said yes and now I gotta start figuring out -- up but they were going to -- -- Originally and then it didn't quite look for another look -- I think they're gonna stick about and they're probably gonna announce that they were married and we never even knew they went. -- that's lanes of the Vietnam and other wedding of the year that. Now we didn't really feel of the the Brad and Angelina did thought that made hey -- -- it. Well -- it's become a boy who cried wolf scenario every weekend but we let us have known as we reported this week. It will be the last week weekend. Of the summer it'll be Labor Day weekend this is gonna have. Yes that's going to happen and they're actually told friends are already legally married -- papers that this is more of a ceremony for the kids. Wherever they -- get out there in the midst of filming right now I think it just put all their parents on a plane fly -- and that's -- that's how liberal how you Rawlins -- usually learn to city. They really -- married that's what they've been telling friends. Now aren't able what do you think the ceremony this celebration for the kids would be Ike and Katrina I get it's going to be very family oriented it's gonna be small in the eighties are fiercely private people that -- -- red carpet event I don't think so let me into the -- -- -- on make up the -- will be off the back if she even wears a -- we have to remember the we've got married for the first time to Jonny Lee Miller he wore a shirt to the wedding that had his name on it. Written in her blood. And that of course she famously married Billy Bob Thornton in Vegas so this is not any one of those -- -- Angelina weddings this is going to be a very -- enemy and -- to be went well. -- -- places them in any us it treated six injured thank -- yankees. Times Square as anybody get a Blalock yes -- Is Jenny from Jersey -- -- what's your take a look at those letters. I'm gonna give you hit this is the name of our next guest most iconic role I'm gonna give you -- what is it about a clot and then I want you to -- the name right. Using hit. He was the master at skipping school -- Connect. -- -- -- -- You know inhabited that role and so many others -- Matthew Broderick join. Exciting for our next -- Tony when he actually -- Actor who is currently starring in the hit Broadway musical. Nice work if people get and it's everybody please knock on the want to know me know he brought -- It and that's one of the great things about -- maybe as opposed to film is he these disks every night. We -- the response that -- the connection real people who can kind of your real. Congratulations on the success thank you -- to those who don't know about it tells little bit. About the show -- in the decade. OK it's called nice work if you can get it and it's it's. -- -- mostly comedy with do without Gershwin songs. Existing Gershwin songs many which you might have heard that created to a news story. -- -- play a -- -- energy will Playboy -- Very well be. And it's a romantic story with wonderful. Kelly O'Hara. Turner chief Michael McGraw and yet people who very wonderful cast and -- -- when Tony Awards and I want I want to take a look let's let's take a look this little little slice. Okay. -- Would love your advice on that had in place sounds so good. But much -- that was me. But he -- -- these songs are pretty am kind of mellow so it hasn't been terribly hard on. Come on anybody's voice do you play with the role since you're doing it here and having this character for a long time coming out -- -- shows a week eight shows a week so do you sort of but do your own take on him I don't know where this again everything -- twice if he's such lets you definitely see some differences. You might see my. -- wonder once a lot. Most know we're all very tuned in and we all try to change things a little bit. Mostly to keep each other. That -- -- and yeah I mean you know we. Have we we both have kids and all -- -- three at home 204. That's sort of constant attention or as much as they'll take you. They don't really care that you're really tired now. And how do you how do you balance at all. Well. It is in this summer's been that there in in that they're not in the city. So I go there Sunday night and then come back Tuesday's I have looked like a day in half -- -- -- -- -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- That that that day. Hello -- -- endlessly that look look look what. -- -- -- -- We're very -- -- putting everything I can relate to that yeah. But I have done of course like them so -- They're very few fortunately they're very cute kids we're glad you're like my children idea yeah. I didn't I didn't it would be a nightmare acting as a guy that night I have in your view given have been many casualties with the war games I did love obviously the fair -- I did love Cuddy they've I never doesn't work we believe we we've got so we got to see him again and -- -- -- sportscaster of -- -- on their -- the what went into putting commercial again. A lot to I mean they really work on the news. -- months of planning in and it took a week to shoot thirty seconds -- them well. It's -- little longer than that if you watch it online. But there's a longer version did you want to -- when they said hey we want to be particularly well. You know at first I was like I usually just -- automatically don't do that does you know it's a long time gonna wanna just. That could be something sad about that. Yeah but I'm. They were you know it was a really good director and they they really loved that movie and socialize so it seem like a nice chance to do little tribute and and just have -- live with -- you know and. That must watch commercials but I think it was really actually was the star of this of the -- believe -- -- That's very well play. Sports -- -- -- a couple of touchdowns in the great. Great show here on. That's where you can get -- he is math. Matthew -- -- Roderick. Again we want to thank you for watching tomorrow. Okay. Okay.

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