Good Afternoon America (08.02.12)

Did Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Take Romantic Getaway?; 'Tanning Mom' Stops Tanning.
3:00 | 08/02/12

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Transcript for Good Afternoon America (08.02.12)
Good afternoon America. -- mom transform remember this mother who tend too much will she stop for just a month. You'll be amazed at how she looks now. Friends to love hurts after months of denying the rumors Ashton Kutcher and you look good as spotted on their way to a romantic getaway. We have the inside -- And trash to treasure fold clothes -- in your closet to. Too small to -- -- date. We'll teach -- -- during those rags into trends without spending a bundle. They give us something missing every afternoon -- Grammy nominated super group little big town. -- our fabulous theme song. And they are here to perform it in our studio. Did all of the other just jealous I everybody good afternoon America Lara Spencer had. Weak -- here best -- something -- head to head. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- Yourself. I had a song that is just. Taking multiple times in the -- is so high yeah they're out there with a -- and music. -- addressed the class touring again I know would we heard it for the first time. But while we have a new song not I don't really cool water later decides that he -- cool. Very special coated note today not only do we had deal if you believe one of our favorites a veteran of the program we also -- Lovely the talented seven 85. Okay. -- a wonderful lady and professionally she's really impressive. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm excited about desperate to debut our new series is called trash to treasure this just speaks to a place in my heart we'll bring forth -- now we're gonna turn. This audience members -- I -- jacket and something totally new. Totally trendy with a one goal only re at fashion niece died -- Owens and she's going to do -- Given one hour to turn a really kinda dated look and you will not believe what's going on as we speak. I dropped a -- my trousers off to -- we saw. Should -- first assistant governor Bob do you have -- you know the the interwebs never sleep we have our. Afternoon video forty and this is a favorite but he says you know this right -- the groups like the ropes courses in the trust falls when you go with your co -- your friends and you want to know that somebody is gonna catch you when you -- -- you -- Usually it's a team building exercise -- of course. Somebody does this take a look at break Blake Grigsby walking around the teen camp and sort of surprising votes -- -- Yeah that's okay. I -- haven't -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm laid there and come on that's up from the person exist about the -- -- trust. Okay. -- -- -- -- okay. What do I would've gotten about right here -- wouldn't. Headlines what do you say though we don't need to look at. The headlines for for all of you take a look at this it's tanning mom amber heard. Projects that yes well I mean that is. Burned into our collective conscious of one. She's choice of course she stopped to. Handing out that we wouldn't we when we last saw Patricia pencil again notorious for -- five times a week to a will done bronze proud of that crap insult. Took -- challenge from in touch magazine to stay out of UV rays real and artificial for an entire month and here are. The results -- Okay. Good at putting -- she says she still bundles is self tanning lotion. That she also says that she feels and they do quote weird and pay deal so laden. Now you looked terrific I'm -- I'm not a and I didn't know -- -- like you know being beamed that color is not good for you now I don't think back. Also -- Miley Cyrus victim of a really scary -- last night that LAPD actually getting terror house with a swat team. In North Hollywood after receiving a report of a possible home invasion cops say they were told it was a kidnapping in progress with one person shocked. Officers approached the house guns are drawn Cyrus thankfully not at home at the time and nothing was -- -- turns -- she appears to have been. A victim of the most recent and very troubling trend analysts call what it is stupid it's called -- -- Pranksters call 911 with state crime reports to trick law enforcement and responding. Hundreds of cases like this actually happens every year so think about what we're doing not only are we sending cops where they don't need to be. They're also taking cops away from where they need to raise -- like let's put enough -- down it's absolutely absurd that this is happening at pierce is. Okay. They. -- are we ask so much of our law enforcement let's not ask them to do. -- -- -- just ridiculous. Like that please. Speaking of not ridiculous however last night some. Club -- moon -- a lot of action last night two big stories actually. As a new American heroes and for every watt. The women's four by 200 relay coming from behind she was down more than a half a second when she hit the pool. Halfway through -- she'd already taken a half second lead of twenty year old from Ohio. This might be my favorite of all the hundred meter freestyle no longer unknown Nathan Adrian -- touches on the wall -- -- 111. Seconds before the Australian favorite James the missile madness -- anyway. Its first gold in this event since 1988. Okay. Okay. We're. First time we want -- -- 1988 the year he was born afterwards he said I felt like. Crying in the pool again and we expect so much of the big names but it's. Highs and girls like -- that didn't make the Olympics so good. We have -- little more the good news -- news Philip. We want to give -- shout out of the fab five -- first US gymnastics team to bring home the gold. The team gold in sixteen years we're now music group called -- -- admitted tribute song in their honor it's -- to wonder actions. What makes you beautiful this song called what makes you flexible it. I was not. Yeah. Hello I'm glad you can -- -- different stores I hear small enough to fit inside -- I don't -- -- I don't know. -- Oprah she took a break from shooting her new movie in New Orleans to give fans a little. Speak she treated this picture of her and -- -- girls in the make -- trailer my girl she -- her wig collection her extensive. Legal action now. That's Oprah and her wings her many many wigs she's been seen wearing a bunch of different ones as she shoots the Butler which by the way. Well I don't want to see I got. Well I -- Oprah doesn't. And then here's -- street about Oprah she's about to embrace -- god gave her on the cover for September issue. A magazine when she let their hair down. And goes -- for the first time that's it that's. It's a beautiful there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- now. And finally this one's for you girls -- a little eye candy let me covered his -- -- -- -- -- Secret panels already we want to see the men embracing their kidneys like. The squeaky clean that there from the squeaky clean no more does not feature color for his new film the paper boy out an extra extra read all about it. That I -- with an older sexy Nicole Kidman and that -- good enough ladies here's David Beckham. Nations. -- -- what really become I think his favorite outfit I've seen him in his underpants more than hot. I anyway no complaints he's now on the cliffs of Dover I'm a sizable hole for tourists who come into Britain for the Olympics HM. Behind is very visual style and we want to say thank you -- Meanwhile there's a guy -- a front row he's not impressed. Elie let's be honest we girls -- we're not -- and trust either Ari. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here. -- -- the exact -- all Mila Kunis didn't could hear it from people who know little video you just brand name. Four other guys have never gonna show you how to turn your trash to treasure wait until -- -- -- three. Fashion he's got me. He left. Amazing and she's doing it while we're on the air. And romantic getaway to the Jackson is at the Jackson -- that keeps just unfolding over all sorts of social media and here in the afternoons we are tackling and all get to the bottom of it all and some inside scoop is what warrants are -- so please welcome. First of -- editor at Billboard Magazine Joseph Levy. Okay. Managing editor of People Magazine with us everybody please welcome -- -- Okay. Okay. Cashed -- first we talked -- on Good Morning America except for so long Kate that there are just friends just friends I don't know many friends that go to Bali for -- Unlike Kirk Hendrick and yet -- it's it's good to be action pictures friends. -- we could all -- friends like this but the real story -- I think there I think it's probably safe to say now they are definitely. More than just friends there are -- very romantic getaway together -- at a five star resort. They've taken great pains to remain pretty secretive about the relationship up until now but -- School they believe there have been photos leaking out they were in the Hong Kong airport to get they're being very affectionate that the cats pretty much on the back. They both moved -- fair to say at this point you know everybody you know maybe the heat Ashton Demi will get back together again in. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think there was and -- any hope of reconciliation between Demi and Ashton that out -- that was over that the minute they parted ways but. Can this is that a long time coming for mile nationally known to -- for fourteen years he was her first on screen -- Sources told people that he always just a little. Yes it's what -- -- survey that's out what. It's a little weird until you remember -- was fourteen years ago to -- first on screen kiss like three years ago I went a little strange. I mean you know -- -- she was at the age where hasn't the young actress you've been an immediate relationship they'll be built on friendship which I was -- the healthiest you know the biggest chance of actually -- in Manhattan yeah. General calling on long time you need all the help beaten again it is tough out there trade yeah. Very heart failure that's and I -- yeah play and then -- -- -- I can only inaction of the five star resorts in Bali. I don't know how to make it now that's talent not give us the latest job you will on the Jackson -- how it's playing out. -- it's like -- -- got -- via court proceeding today that will appoint TJ. Tito's son Michael's nephew. As an official guardian of the three children he will be a co guardian along with -- -- this happens. Back in the fall have turned his back and in fact this is something TJ surfaced when she came back she was missing for ten days or she was in a resort getting some rest and according to some of her case. Is this just about money. If you ask me it's just about money if you ask Randy or. Germane or read until you're on the list as we -- -- -- -- Janet -- -- four siblings who were challenging the will in public and are saying. This is being mismanaged -- -- also -- our mom needs help she has health issues those healthy she's changed depending on the David they're talking about it. But if you ask them it's just about taking care of the kids in taking care of the estate of course the estate is all left to the children if you really want to take care of the kids. Why challenge the well and that will have. Husband challenge previous they're trying to do it again do we think there's going to be -- -- they're making noise in public about challenging it but legally they don't have much to go on you visited the legal. Window in which they could challenge it has passed not by month's book by years. The father has already challenge it in court and lost for exactly this reason so although they are saying hey. This what was -- another day when Michael -- -- LA he was in New York what's going on here is it doesn't look but there's much to do. Talk to -- -- about this tweet last night your main treated. Looking like he's extending an olive branch so to speak. That he wants to pursue this issue in a private dialogue. Although we did on Twitter. The strangest things about all this Jackson family drama is seeing things play out on Twitter to kids that Paris complaining where's my grandma I want to speak to her this isn't right and Jermaine last night saying. Hey all of this is out of hand I withdraw my signature from that letter challenging the will to believe and do this in private well you know I think -- Any time a Jackson says there's nothing you see here everything is okay. You've got reason to think it's not okay here's something to sit. It is probably also disagreed move to search for germane to take this half step back away from the other than the fighting for his were calling of that group of siblings yet. He's distancing himself a little bit by disavowing his signature on that letter. If nothing else it's a good publicity move to get to save this little bit and not seems like he's making a money -- -- -- hopefully before them if nothing else can work this out in. In private and volume there just follow them on Twitter -- yeah. We thank you very much the yeah. You look she's got just minutes. Wonder if she well you. Here on GAA we're calling -- trash to treasure. He's still my heart very exciting it sure did something does someone's ready -- trash and make it over and hopefully becomes. -- -- And today we're focusing on your closet your clothing and yet which is a save my entire club -- who we kept we have we have. Those sections of our -- that are sort of just the things that we keep the nearly don't wanna get rid but we know we're not gonna Wear them again so what do you do Josh. -- -- I just keep -- of them seriously I've got a secret from high school we have another solution for you. -- -- -- -- -- -- excess gas here to show us what that means apparently she is being read fashion he says she's Jillian Ellis. Let's pretend like it let's just pretend like on the fish out of water here and I don't know what we're talking about what is a refashion -- well every -- is someone takes used abuse clothing that was destined for the land bill. Takes a -- under -- so she'll need only makes it completely different garments how so let's get your first example taught me about the first thing he that you -- us all right the first song we have here start his wife says that really. Large beige number that looked like something my third grade teacher -- it -- -- But if we turn it around -- -- the color -- right so this is like you would it would it would is that they say god. Yeah it's apparent -- unremarkable. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I did Ike Taylor did I die dips into and I took this -- offer -- -- -- did not put plastic in the time. So at this section Barbara Taylor -- taken to -- to cinch the waist and her solid lead then she. Did she took this leaves and meet him into a change I'm. He did this cost you a dollar and -- -- dollars. Thrift store find -- How long does it. Old -- longer -- just started washing machine neglected for a wild. It probably took less than an hour -- -- these -- -- for you guys now you can I borrow you after the show. Like every intention recycling don't need another great example of that talk to us but this -- does that -- she dynamite this. I'm never sure what we have here is gay. From -- -- from thrift store has -- button down very boring. But. You're lazy Susan may not. Okay. Okay. You don't need anything at all I liked it was on button and it's a couple buttons let the talk button buttoned up through about. -- -- We've shown here. That while an audience member brought in an old coat she would have otherwise perhaps -- away she's working feverishly has -- -- -- something fabulous let's take a look. Seem like you did. -- -- -- Okay. I turned it upside down -- made the fact of fronts and I made the front of backe could see where it has sexy unseen -- -- -- And I took this we -- and turned to -- just -- it's just -- rings to different -- definition. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seriously this is why they would you rule the world -- that Jones and send your doing. Seriously -- everybody -- -- -- -- And -- Spencer and it is -- time for our battle of the sexes and we go. On this sank two million and still exist. While. New help you products are popping up all over you know I'm right here. This is a question that we probably six -- it's just it's just a thought. There are new. Lines of masks for men there's hair products has make up for man there's some men that -- -- that going to make up every morning. Don't want to see what this looks like. I'm telling you OK I -- that as a -- to America series. Need all the help I can get okay. They're also examples of manly men and I'm doing the quote marks what my fingers for those -- you listening on the radio. Expendable to actually coming -- you got guys like Sylvester Stallone Arnold Schwarzenegger Bruce Willis. Those guys are all over 55 I don't know what's -- Are they -- dying -- that I guess the question. We have two experts to help us settle this matter and incredibly funny DLU -- is here. And also for the female preview OK we have the star of the upcoming TV show next to mr. box office. Actress and producer -- get -- So so Vivica. Company excluded. What do you think does mentally amended those mastodon hunting humans still exist. -- actually welcome guys that take care of themselves so I think they still exist. I think different -- now yeah actually with Seattle have a problem with it as long -- don't push me. Out of the -- to -- your eyebrows and -- The album -- -- Women like bad -- motivate evaluated. A good. -- -- many of them proud that -- the dating game. I think this is the content -- men and women like my bad boys and then again you'd get a restraining -- The big concept of what women by -- the moment BA. -- economy because that's it was up though that didn't -- the bus is not. Yeah. -- Like what are we have needed to be. Dave for a monthly what are we -- what some truly man. -- -- this isn't simply a question that we pause I don't like next I'm conscientiously object to this well. I can manage that cares about them is that something you clearly are your snappy Dresser who keep calling yourself a mattress. Did not. Hollywood never I would never get -- hit if they they gave me. Then carry themselves. Is it like -- the and the moment and I'm so but I make sure and I'm never going to existing -- out the Clinton idea about doing a bananas over the -- Rampage at home. -- -- being taking care I mean what for you now defines mainly. -- had a good job. -- don't -- personal and what he said the way you treat a lady you know open doors. And to me that's very -- and I think that that's starting to come back which I appreciate. You know sort of a turn off of the man is is has a full -- -- and -- her. I'd like straight believe it. Place I've made me I'm take you somewhere with stakes summit. Can still be Manley yeah. Here's your chance you know -- yeah yeah the -- -- one on -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would get a big deal because a woman -- -- -- I have to do whatever they want to. As he would just say yeah the -- and anything. And there that it you couldn't cut them yourself I just didn't they with a -- But will not be. So elusive so manly -- John -- of the world in this ever evolving world metro sexual is do they still -- you know it is hard. But Manning made its debut of those -- you -- to handle bad -- -- Gucci -- don't let me. I think the idea of a man -- automatic. Did you couldn't you couldn't have already been well -- -- you didn't go because it does so well when you -- talking -- that let's not dictated this zone Obama did. Microsemi Hugh Jackman gorgeous man but he can still -- -- not there yet. Yeah. We'll we'll we'll bring you -- time to try to. -- works on my toes let's take a look. Even ask the all day long not man. And I -- -- 62%. Of you said manly men still exist yeah. Are still wondering what that looked like when -- wife was cut in his comment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- -- They are also. Family yes CAA because that theme song that you hear every afternoon -- he can't get out your head it is their song please welcome little big town. Yeah. Seriously you and. But not a law that's first you figure out there with Rascal Flatts right now -- -- you platinum selling artists in your own right. Tornado. That is quite a name and -- it does jump off the shelves where -- the name come from. Well it kind of feels like a little storms brewing in our -- that. -- stand changes in the air market lineman. Then we get to sing your son we had never dreamed that what happens it just as well Larry and I were shocked when it happened. What hasn't skipped college how this yeah I didn't -- -- here -- ABC. A little phone call and and we were likely gala tickets data right near their -- -- so. I don't know we just had this morality that we love so much and we just read earlier that -- thought might fit what you're doing I mean it's when we heard it has the of the it was kind of it was big moment you know while we have -- so. And from a band that is so long regarded I -- Twitter was going crazy today people were so excited to have you on our show give a huge following his so we are. Really really honored and with that I think we should just take -- -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- See an afternoon met.

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