Ginger Zee's Miles-Long Zipline Ride

Ginger Zee took a ride on the longest, highest and fastest zipline in North America
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Ginger Zee's Miles-Long Zipline Ride
This week, "gma" is going to extremes. And ginger zee volunteered -- I'm not sure you knew what was your getting yourself into. You went on the longest, highest, fastest zip line in all of north america, and lived to tell the story. It takes extreme team to a new level. I didn't get to go once, twice, but five times. I have one word to report, absolutely amazing. I guess that's two words. Let's check it out. Three, two, one. Reporter: It's an adrenaline rush and one of the quickest ways to become a superhero for a day. It's called zip lining. And this course the fastest, highest and longest in all of north america. The second-largest in the world. Over four miles long and comprised of five zips, the skyliner tour takes you 3,200 feet up. With a peak of hunter mountain, in the catskills of new york. Over 50 miles per hour, sounds insane, right? It's only natural, then, I give it a try. Hey. We made it. We're going to see the zip line test. Come in. First, the part that's become familiar on my stories, signing my life away. I've run off a mountain and paragliding in mexico. That's it. Now, I can zip line. As we approached the mountain, some music to foreshadow my fate, perhaps? A little ominous. Gets you ready for your day. Reporter: For the end of days. We're going to slide all the way up to the top of that mountain. In 15 minutes, we're at the top. It's time for flight school and my safety check. Right now. Reporter: And on to the point of no return. There's a lot of four-letter words that come out at this point. Reporter: Okay. Getting scared. Nervous is the correct reaction at this point. Reporter: Now, I'm getting more shallow breath. This is what happens when I'm on the edge of a story for "good morning erica." Oh, my god. Three, two, one. Reporter: My heart pounding, I'm tethered to a pulley, zipping across a wire. The drop-off, 3,200 feet, the equivalent of 55 stories to the ground. Then, the beauty settles in. 90 seconds of amazing. Wow. That was awesome. Reporter: That initial descent is when the speed comes in. The ice start watering. It hits you. One down. Four more to go. That wasn't the fastest? We haven't touched on the fastest. Reporter: This next zip is almost twice as fast and through the trees. All right. In three, two, one. Reporter: Woo. I could do this all day. All day. Hard to believe, but I get to ride three more of these, too. It's so much fun. Reporter: Everybody else is worried about their life. This is a great ab workout. Good for my core. Reporter: And the best part, it's all in a day's work. "Good morning america." It was way too cool. That is awesome. You can do it in the winter, too. I love it. The adrenaline rush continues on "gma." Donald driver is here. We shared a producer on both of these. He's going to do a huge, water park extreme event. He's joining the extreme team. I love it. I'm so going there.

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{"id":17018571,"title":"Ginger Zee's Miles-Long Zipline Ride","duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Zee took a ride on the longest, highest and fastest zipline in North America","url":"/GMA/video/good-morning-america-extreme-17018571","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}