Good Samaritans rescue teen girl after snowmobile accident

The 16-year-old girl landed in a frozen lake in Waterboro, Maine, after being thrown off her snowmobile.
3:12 | 02/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Good Samaritans rescue teen girl after snowmobile accident
We are back with that safety alert about a popular winter pastime. Snowboa snowboa snowboarding. Gio Benitez is in Rome, new York, with important information. Good morning, gio. Looks a little cold out there. Just a bit, Michael. Good morning to you. Listen, over the past few weeks we've seen accident after accident on the ice and just two weeks ago right here at this lake a man had to be rescued on the same exact day a 16-year-old girl had to be rescued by total strangers. Just take a look at this video. Get this to her. Leave it tied to this. Reporter: A desperate and difficult rescue playing out right before our eyes. Look over there. That's a 16-year-old girl in the frozen waters of waterboro, Maine, getting thrown off a snowmobile but three strangers fishing nearby jump into action throwing a thick rope her way. Get it, get it. Hold on. All right, kick, kick your feet really hard. Reporter: Now watch. You can see her being pulled out. That moment heard on police radio. There's a female that was in the water there and they are bringing her to shore at this time. Reporter: The teen's heroes speaking out. All three of us pretty much decided, hey, let's get out there, right place the right time and helped and we have what we needed to get the job done and worked out well. Reporter: The girl they saved was lucky but the dangers that come with snowmobiling on ice are real. Some of the machines can fly at speeds over 90 miles per hour and weigh more than 600 pounds. Ice needs to be at least five inches thick just to support that weight and experts say each year 14,000 people are injured on snowmobiles. The industry says operator decisions, not the machine, may be responsible for some of these accidents. People can drown when they fall through the ice. What to do if you fall into icy waters. Just last year our Matt Gutman showed us. The best thing to do is control your breathing. Don't panic. Then focus on putting your airports on the ice and kicking your legs to pull yourself back on to the ice. So, snowmobile or not. Just about every expert we speak to says no ice is safe ice so just don't get on the ice. I want to turn live to our drone camera here just to show you how dangerous this can be. Right now this lake is totally covered by snow. So you really have no idea how thick this ice is. You have no idea where it's safe. We're told along the edges it's usually thicker and in the center it's a lot thinner but still we're told just don't get on the ice. It's just not safe and, Michael, you mentioned that coast guard warning, right now parts of this country, they're saying the ice is already melting. And, gio, please tell me there's something that 16-year-old did that helped her make it through. What was that? Reporter: You know what, I love this because she says that her teacher taught her to take off her boots if she falls into a frozen lake. And that's because the boots are going to weigh you down and help sink you down so she took them off and officials say that is what could have saved her life. I'm glad she remembered that in the middle of that turmoil. Thank you. Get warm, my friend and Amy,

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The 16-year-old girl landed in a frozen lake in Waterboro, Maine, after being thrown off her snowmobile.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45557037","title":"Good Samaritans rescue teen girl after snowmobile accident ","url":"/GMA/video/good-samaritans-rescue-teen-girl-snowmobile-accident-45557037"}