Google+ Open for Business

Becky Worley on why you need to add another social networking site to your list.
3:26 | 11/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Google+ Open for Business
Today's big day for us here at Good Morning America will get to this -- so specifics -- just a moment but we're doing something very cool with Google and their new social media platform Google+. What is Google+ well who else to explain that better than our own cat contributor Becky Worley who joins us this morning via Skype and good morning to you -- Good morning Josh good morning and went home I know what you're thinking. Another social media site really -- have to go to one more website to check in with my friends we'll hold month. This one is from Google among Italian when Google goes for something they go -- -- -- -- -- -- You switched to face look you reluctantly edited Twitter account you share pictures on Tom -- Flickr. And maybe you also Skype with your family. So why would you need another social media -- The -- is Google are trying to answer that Google+ he's a great way to share. With the people that -- me. Like other sites and post pictures -- random video. Like this new global how to slide their headquarters. Like back but what's different is when it comes to people you want to spot -- Point you categorize them right away into circle scam when circles co workers local college and circles the -- clubs -- schools. Just want to find out what's up with old friends. One click and that's -- you'll see. Maybe the guys who've -- parents -- your kids class you can isolate their news. So when you post something -- actively choosing whom to share with friends and family -- Let me there's some things you don't want your work we'll see -- Google+ as a political -- Notably in my video. The hi guys how's your day out there on the other side of the country. And these can be as simple as video chatting with friends -- maybe a group of friends. To -- up over something you. -- and check out Google+ might find some friends they're already. Your favorite tech reporter and maybe even your favorite morning show. Now let me be clear the beauty of this social network is that you can be very selective about why. You share with them so bush -- Josh I've got you in my circles but. We're gonna have to hang out more if you wanna be in the inner certain wow look at that I -- work my -- in concentric when I do appreciate that. Now Betty this is so relatively new but it already has forty million plus users. Yeah it's really taken off especially in the tech community and what I'm planning is that. It's a really good way to follow thought leaders to follow you know press any -- that shows you like cash and people that you -- -- stay close within just selectively choose that it may not replace FaceBook but it's definitely. Got things offered that are. Different it's definitely gotten to the watering hole if nothing else and of course you can join me and Becky on Google+ right after the show today we're gonna hang out live 9:30 AM. Good Morning America is a brand new page will be answering your questions however personal or maybe we might be avoiding some of those thank you Becky. -- --

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{"id":14914013,"title":"Google+ Open for Business","duration":"3:26","description":"Becky Worley on why you need to add another social networking site to your list.","url":"/GMA/video/google-open-business-14914013","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}