GOP Attacks Contraception Mandate for Employers

Republican candidates take on Obama administration for health insurance rule.
2:58 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GOP Attacks Contraception Mandate for Employers
Developing story in the race for the White House your voice your vote there is growing pressure this morning. From Catholic and other religious groups protesting president Obama's new rule on paying for birth control. And it is heating up the rates -- BC's Jake Tapper. Is here with a lot more mourning today. Good morning Robin the culture wars are back in the White House is feeling the heat the White House insists. This achieves a balanced approach that respects both women's health care. And religious liberty but that is not how the Republican presidential candidates see it as they campaign and Colorado and Minnesota which are holding their caucuses today they've had some. Pretty pointed words for the president. Yeah. -- race in these primaries are not just about the economy stupid. We must have a president who was willing to protect America's first -- our right to worship god according to the dictates of -- our -- -- the Obama administration for a broad rule requiring employers. Even religious charities and hospitals. To provide health insurance including contraception. Think what that does to people -- face it did not share those views this is a violation of conscious. But it's not just President Obama on Romney's mind he does not want to be outflanked on the writes by Rick Santorum. A long time culture warrior who said that the Obama administration has -- impossible. Two people of faith particularly Christians and specifically Catholics. It's a political season already so intense even Super Bowl. Ads are -- almost lost specifically this one from Chrysler featuring -- -- wooden heralding the rebirth of Detroit and now motor city is fighting again. -- halftime America. Our second half about to Begin. Republicans -- -- edwards' endorsement of president Obama's bailout of the auto industry. This is a sign of what happens when you have the government get in bed with big business like like the bailout of the auto companies. They began did the -- leadership of the auto companies -- -- need to do something to repay their political patron. Both Chrysler and Eastwood a Republican. Denied any political content but the auto bailout will be a decision the president will herald as he makes his case. Telling one interviewer he deserves reelection. Well Mr. President you do not deserve a second term. And one other bit of breaking news overnight Robin having to do with the Obama campaign and super pacs those of the third party groups that can accept unlimited donations that have been flooding the airwaves with negative ads originally the Obama campaign say it said they would have nothing to do with super pacs but last night. They flip flopped on the issue saying that Republican super pacs are raising too much money they have to compete. And now will have top cabinet officials campaign officials and White House officials helping to raise funds for a democratic super -- -- there -- races on all right they're Jake thanks.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Republican candidates take on Obama administration for health insurance rule.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15528061","title":"GOP Attacks Contraception Mandate for Employers","url":"/GMA/video/gop-attacks-contraception-mandate-employers-15528061"}