GOP Candidates Battle It Out in Michigan

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are neck and neck in this key battleground state.
1:55 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for GOP Candidates Battle It Out in Michigan
We're just 48 hours away -- for one of the most crucial contests. And the Republican race for president needs your voice your vote battleground Michigan Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Publicly wailing on one another in a high stakes very -- down to the wire race and ABC's David Curley. He is on the -- in Washington this morning David good morning to you. Good morning again this morning we are gonna watch the intersection of NASCAR racing. And politics it is down to the wire the final race and we -- gonna watch it figuratively and literally this day. As we watch these candidates drive for the final voters. -- around the Daytona 500 later today will be. Political billboard car number 26. Sponsored by and plastered with Rick santorum's name. He won't be there but Mitt Romney will make a repeat appearance because this is an important conservative -- -- -- Republicans. At the Republican race has been a lot like NASCAR and it was different leaders here. A bunch of bumping. And -- Fighting for the lead in Michigan right now -- Santorum -- Romney. Our Indian words they are trashing or crashing each other yeah. Thanks -- Romney labeling Santorum as a Washington insider he disagreed with something on principle. But he had to vote for because that was taking one for the team. Santorum was having none of -- hitting the accelerator but I don't calling Romney a resolute the absolutely laughable that and liberal government of Massachusetts suggest. I am not the control of the okay. Exodus back in -- gives -- the motor city Detroit Michigan it's the racetrack. With a checkered flag falling on Tuesday. -- a few more days to get those last -- in. And we are hearing that the latest polls show -- very tight race in Michigan Mitt Romney's caught up the question is can he put it away. In his home state and get the checkered flag. That is the question and picking up on that David thank you let's bring in the man George Stephanopoulos host of this week. -- George -- -- question for you one is this a make or break situation for Mitt Romney and two. Given the high stakes and given his recent -- including talking about his wife's multiple cadillacs is he blowing it. Close and I don't think so. It's nothing and that's not fully make or break I -- it's possible that Mitt Romney will survive a loss. In Michigan although this is David said polls -- show -- meeting even or moving. Ahead but if he does lose you can see a whole bunch of calls from other top Republicans for someone else to get into the race. Real laments over how weak they're suppose -- front runner is now as as to whether he's blowing -- he sure did have a bad day. On Friday when -- economic speech at Ford Field it was antique he talked about his wife's two cadillacs on the other hand. He is pretty fierce attacks -- Rick Santorum also seem to be taking. There -- santorum's gone from about a ten point lead nationally to a dead heat. Over the last week he's gone from -- lead in Michigan either dead heat or behind so even with his mistakes Mitt Romney is still has some momentum. All this talk about what would happen if Romney loses in Michigan DVD drafting process for. A surprise Republican like Chris Christie how real is that and Google who other thing Christie is -- possible drafty. Look Chris she's not a possible draft he told me this week on Jimmy wasn't getting in no matter what -- Mitch Daniels of Indiana. Governor which is what's so interesting about this -- all this talk about the brokered convention there are a lot of people. Including the Republican governor of -- this morning saying boy that's what -- exactly what they want they want someone else. To get in but it's hard to find someone who actually wants to get in at this point is very difficult to do -- -- there are only ten states left where the filing deadlines haven't passed. Even half a candidate were able to meet all those filing deadlines and that is very very hard to do and even if that candidate Dan one. All ten states they've still only have. About a third of the delegates they need. To get the nomination so it's it's it's -- tremendously uphill battle is I don't believe it's gonna happen. Though I do think there's a chance especially if Mitt Romney loses on Tuesday. That none of the candidates in this race right now get to that you mentioned with -- enough delegates to secure the nomination.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are neck and neck in this key battleground state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15793695","title":"GOP Candidates Battle It Out in Michigan","url":"/GMA/video/gop-candidates-battle-michigan-15793695"}