GOP Caucus Train Heads to Nevada

Mitt Romney expected to win today's Nevada caucus as candidates head west.
3:22 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for GOP Caucus Train Heads to Nevada
Other big day in -- race for the White House it's your voice your vote. And Republicans in Nevada are heading to their caucuses this morning is going to be the first contest -- out -- And Mitt Romney now classic commanding lead there but his opponents are already looking ahead it's starting to hone in their message against. As -- ABC news senior political correspondent Jon Karl joins us from Washington with the latest good morning to you John. Good morning be on -- Romney is hoping to build on that landslide victory yet Tuesday in Florida. With a big win today in the Nevada caucuses. Mitt Romney is trying to put together a winning streak. He comes into Nevada with big momentum from the Florida primary which he -- -- double digit. He's also got an endorsement from the most famous hotel owner in Vegas governor Romney. Go out and get. Saturday's friendly territory for Romney this really is about what about the sole American. Mormons are expecting twenty -- and Republican caucus goers Madonna. Romney won the state when he ran for president in 2008. Gingrich is trying to regain his footing slamming Romney as -- phony conservative who doesn't differ much from President Obama. -- it isn't good enough for the Republican Party. To nominate Obama -- she's -- wonder about this while Romney is way ahead in the polls he is under fire for comments he made the day after he won in Florida I'm not concerned about the very poor we have a safety net there it's deeds -- apparel -- -- -- just watching in amazement. Gingrich attacked Romney for saying that -- and so has Rick Santorum as the Republican Party all. I don't know all the Republican Party that cares about every single person -- an opportunity to rise and America the great stuff. Paul came in second in about a four years ago and now pretty strong Nevada organization. Is hoping for an upset the client comes into the body -- says Pippen for Paul. They're gonna have a real good time -- that -- Very least he seems to have the hooker vote locked up. Prostitution is legal in the state and Ron Paul is the only candidate who favors legalized prostitution. With only 28 delegates at stake today -- isn't all that big -- deal in terms of getting the more than 11100. You need to clinch the nomination but if Romney wins today. He will be the first candidate be on -- to put in two victories in a row a winning streak the first one. -- after Mitt Romney I want to ask you about yesterday's jobs report for the month of January the unemployment rate fell to a three year low. That's great news for Americans McKinney tricking used -- -- have a -- candidates to respond to -- Republican and for President Obama. How is gonna change if it will change the dynamic in the -- now will. If this continues it could dramatically change the dynamics of the raised dramatically increasing president Obama's chances of winning after all. The central Republican argument here is that he -- failed on the economy. So in terms of how they reacted -- to this you saw Romney out yesterday saying -- yes the economy may have improved to -- but nowhere near enough. And Obama has done so much damage he has extended the recession. But that's a much more difficult argument to make than simply saying look how bad things are let's what you -- we -- -- -- president to prove it. That's right all right -- -- to -- things there thank you so much for joining us this morning. You got it.

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{"id":15512425,"title":"GOP Caucus Train Heads to Nevada","duration":"3:22","description":"Mitt Romney expected to win today's Nevada caucus as candidates head west. ","url":"/GMA/video/gop-caucus-train-heads-nevada-15512425","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}