GOP, Democrats Make Payroll Tax Cut Deal

House Republicans come around on deal to prevent payroll tax increases.
2:03 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for GOP, Democrats Make Payroll Tax Cut Deal
Just barely in time for Christmas congress and the White House have come together on a plan to -- a tax increase on -- 160 million Americans. ABC's John -- joins secure and more on that -- John congress always goes down to the wire the -- here where the house Republicans but for the first time this year they didn't get what they want it. Yet this is significant moment because time after time house Republicans have dug in they have stared the president down. And they have essentially gotten what they wanted to at least one major concessions. From the Democrats this time around they said there was no way they would go along with a temporary extension of that payroll tax cut. They dug in day after day after day and in the end got nothing to show fort George. Except for several days of really bad publicity -- look like they were the ones standing in the way of a tax cut and so right now where it stands right now for two months. This tax cut which is worth about a thousand dollars on average two more than hundred million Americans is going to be extending -- -- negotiations. To extended for the whole year and they will almost certainly. At this point they're not gonna go down this road again they will almost certainly extended for the full year. -- sure seems like they've learned a lesson here is John Boehner said yesterday this wasn't the smartest thing in the world do politically. They able negotiate this out. Everybody I've spoken to Democrat and Republican expects the tax cut will be extended for the full year but -- they still have thorny issues to work out they've got to figure out how to pay for that tax cut. And as we have seen nothing can be taken for granted especially not in this -- we're seeing speaker Boehner right there -- pretty unusual moment yesterday when he. Had this conference call which he always -- to go over with all of his his members to talk about the deal. He didn't let them speak for the first time he just said this is what we're doing. Yes Boehner -- all long since becoming speaker has said that he is going to follow the will of his conference the will of the fellow Republicans. This time what he said is you chose me to be the leader that means. You chose me at times to make the tough decisions I am making one now this is what we were doing this was not a discussion. This is Boehner saying what they were going to do and -- items dominant. And bottom line is you predicted yesterday everyone gets their tax cut. At least two months and probably hear Jon Karl thanks very much.

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{"id":15219771,"title":"GOP, Democrats Make Payroll Tax Cut Deal","duration":"2:03","description":"House Republicans come around on deal to prevent payroll tax increases.","url":"/GMA/video/gop-democrats-make-payroll-tax-cut-deal-15219771","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}