GOP Holiday Truce

Romney and Gingrich take a break from attacking one another for the holidays.
2:29 | 12/24/11

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Transcript for GOP Holiday Truce
Your voice your vote and -- Christmas cease fire. On the campaign trail the negative ads has stopped but how long -- this -- Even at the Iowa Caucuses are now just ten days away also this morning yet another twist in the long strange. Political Odyssey of one Donald Trump. ABC's David Curley is covering all the action in Washington this morning a lot of stuff going on David good morning to you and Merry Christmas. And -- -- -- and good morning a lot of action overnight we heard some big blow to a couple of candidates both. Mitt make that Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry failed to make the ballot in Virginia that's a blow to both of their campaigns. And in Iowa on this Christmas Eve morning the nobody has been replaced with nights. Call it a Christmas miracle a sentence -- between Mitt Romney at. Gingrich. For the next few days that events like this and has more -- -- didn't airlines. We'll go the way of -- simply melting away Gingrich has been calling for this may -- for a few days we can slow down enjoy life. And then get back on the -- next month. But this is no holiday present for -- rather it's Romney's -- to the voters of violence who have been bombarded with -- Instead Romney directed his fire Friday back to President Obama. As for the president's. For the president. I think -- permanent vacation. Following. -- the November elections next every right. But take a look at this calendar Christmas is tomorrow New -- a week later. Then it's January 3 the date of the all important Iowa Caucuses. That leaves just ten days for the GOP candidates to try and shake up the race but will anyone be paying attention over those next ten days. Even for voters in a place like Iowa or New Hampshire South Carolina their attention is going to be elsewhere right now so if a candidate we're going to get attention they might have to do something so outrageous that they -- -- who want attention for it. So -- nukes and the other -- -- front runner Ron Paul will be hitting the trail hard. With the holiday over. And those negative ads -- be back up on Tuesday brings us Iowa's airwaves. He was find 300000 dollars. -- violations. Now the latest on the Donald never one to shy away from. Publicity the real -- developer let everybody know that he is now no longer -- Republican he has changed his party affiliation to. Unaffiliated and Dan and beyond as you know that makes it possible for him to run as an independent for president.

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{"id":15227084,"title":"GOP Holiday Truce","duration":"2:29","description":"Romney and Gingrich take a break from attacking one another for the holidays. ","url":"/GMA/video/gop-holiday-truce-15227084","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}