GOP Prepares for Debate, Obama Kicks Off Bus Tour

Jake Tapper on the latest from the 2012 presidential campaigns.
2:16 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for GOP Prepares for Debate, Obama Kicks Off Bus Tour
-- -- politics your voice your vote and the next big Republican debate tonight in the key western state of Nevada President Obama on the campaign trail to kicking off a three day bus tour in North Carolina. Jake Tapper is with him and He joins us now NJ going to get to the president in -- second but first that Republican debate more polls -- -- Herman -- is indeed. The front runner his opponents didn't really lay lay a glove on in the last to -- picking up the try to night. That's exactly right George did. -- McCain is running a very nontraditional. Campaign. And the attacks waged against him in the last debate were not effective for McCain was able to brought -- back by saying your facts are wrong. And some of them came across -- But rather condescending because the chief complaint and it is Republicans have about Herman Cain is that He simply not qualified and not a serious candidate while someone forgot to tell the voters that. And so far none of them have been able to make an effective. Argument against. Herman Cain and this will be the last debate in a while and the chance -- the first -- -- -- -- come much sooner than people expected maybe new entry even as early. As December what I want to turn to President Obama he's in North Carolina today moving on to Virginia. In this bus to -- those are both states He won last time around he's digging himself out of a hole now. You know George in North Carolina a majority of voters according to polls that do not approve of the job the president's doing and a majority of voters. In Virginia where -- -- headed later today. I think the president does not deserve. Reelection to the president is on spots for making his argument both for his -- bill. And himself there is some evidence that this has the salesmanship for the jobs bill has had a positive impact on the president's poll numbers voters now. Trusting it. The president more than they trust Republicans. To handle jobs about a fifteen point swing in the last month on that issue and a lot of retail campaigning on these bus tour is what kind of reception is the president getting out there. It's positive but the -- -- so much smaller than they were. When I did these tours with then Senator Obama in 20072008. It's just remarkable how much smaller crowds are they love him. But there are fewer of them. Who do so. Okay not widespread enthusiasm at least get -- -- shaken baby sitting down with President Obama later today for an exclusive interview that's -- -- on Nightline tonight.

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{"id":14759343,"title":"GOP Prepares for Debate, Obama Kicks Off Bus Tour","duration":"2:16","description":"Jake Tapper on the latest from the 2012 presidential campaigns.","url":"/GMA/video/gop-prepares-debate-obama-kicks-off-bus-tour-14759343","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}