Grad Student Allegedly Killed Cheating Friend

Raul Gupta allegedly told police, "my girl was cheating with my buddy" at the crime scene.
3:53 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for Grad Student Allegedly Killed Cheating Friend
A grisly murder. A grad student accused of killing his best friend. He told police his girlfriend was cheating with the victim. Linsey davis is here with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, george. It's unclear if there was cheating going on. It does appear that 24-year-old raul gupta's birthday celebration over the weekend has not only ended the life of his longtime friend. But potentially gupta's life, as he knows it. This morning, raul gupta, a gifted graduate student at george washington university, is in jail. Accused of fatally stabbing his high school friend, 23-year-old mark roi, a law student. Saturday night, into the wee hours, there was a dangerous cocktail of emotions, fueled by heavy drinking. There were friends that were together in washington, d.C., sharing a good time with mr. Gupta, celebrating his birthday. Reporter: But that good time took a turn for the worse when three of them, gupta, roi, and gupta's girlfriend, returned to her apartment. Authorities were called just before 3:30 a.M. On sunday. They could see bloodstains on the walls. And they could see mr. Gupta sitting down at the base of the bed, like he was in despair. Reporter: According to the charging papers, gupta told police, my girl was cheating with my buddy. I walked in on them cheating. And I killed my buddy. She made a muttering had been cheating on him. And that the individual involved, that he had actually did it. Reporter: Police say gupta claims he was woken up by his girlfriend yelling. But she says it was gupta who woke her up yelling, and telling her to call 911. Gup gupta's attorney says the evidence will show he has a valid defense. But this morning, the honor student is being held on $2 million bail, charged with second-degree murder. And gupta's attorney saying he believes the evidence will show he has a valid defense. And calls it tragic for him to be held on a high bond. Gupta told police he was acting in self-defense. Thanks. Let's get more from chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. It sounds like either going to be defending himself or defense of another. And I say that because both their statements, that relate to both those issues. The authorities saying that on the one hand, he was saying he was defending himself. His buddy was effectively going to try to kill him. At another point, he hears his girlfriend yelling. These are the seeds of possible defenses. But his lawyer has got to be really careful. The last thing this lawyer wants is almost any of these statements coming out. This lawyer is going to try to get the statements excluded from evidence. Partly because one of the complications, seems everyone was pretty blacked out drunk. Imagine if every case, I was high on drugs. I was drunk. We'd be seeing people walking out right and left. That in and of itself does not get someone off. But there has to be the intent. You're talking about second-degree murder here. Not manslaughter. And manslaughter, you can just sort of say, well, there was no intent to do it. Second-degree murder, which is the charge here, you do have to have intent. That's what's surprising. Usually the heat of passion incidents lead to manslaughter. It would go to a plea. Typical case where you see charge of second-degree murder. Plea on manslaughter. A sentence somewhere in the five-year range. But I'm sure that his lawyer would say, we're not pleading. We're going to trial. We have a defense. We have a defense.

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{"id":20584921,"title":"Grad Student Allegedly Killed Cheating Friend","duration":"3:53","description":"Raul Gupta allegedly told police, \"my girl was cheating with my buddy\" at the crime scene.","url":"/GMA/video/grad-student-allegedly-killed-cheating-friend-20584921","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}