Grammy Awards to Pay Tribute to Whitney Houston

Awards show is being re-worked to honor the passing of the legendary singer.
2:11 | 02/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grammy Awards to Pay Tribute to Whitney Houston
The death of one of the biggest female pop stars of -- -- certainly front page news around the world joining us now is Noah Levy he is the senior news editor at in touch magazine. You know I understand and besides your job you are a long time fan of Whitney Houston's. Yes I am you know I've loved Whitney for -- and I think she is actually similar to her. -- you know her close friend Aretha -- her -- -- -- national treasure. And -- shall ever be forgotten I don't think there'll ever be anyone back in touch her talent. And I really -- now we should be focusing on how great she wise but not on -- sad demise. Now the -- of courses -- the eve of the Grammy Awards are you expecting that there are changes being made to the show. As we speak considering Whitney Houston's status yet that is exactly what I've heard currently the grammys -- reworking the entire show. They're going to be doing a very grand tribute to Whitney Houston some insiders are saying that Jennifer Hudson watching the the one voice chosen to represent Whitney Houston and Clive davis' event tonight of course. Is going to be a giant compilation of admirers of Whitney Houston famous people that have worked with our. And even some tributes as well -- been some reports earlier that Houston had been scheduled to perhaps. Perform at that party do you know anything about that that's -- very true for the past couple years Whitney Houston is actually appeared at the show. That -- Davis does every year with hand she's performed in this is supposed to be her comeback performance. She had a film called sparkle the remake of the film from the eighties that she did with Jordan sparks. This is gonna try to resurrect her career and -- what she could still. Unfortunately that just wasn't the case tonight. 01 last question knowing -- That huge Whitney Houston fan as you said now according to the get Guinness book of world records. She was the most awarded female act of all times do you think that she will be remembered that way. Or will there be more of a focus on her problems recently withdrawn its you know what I really think that negativity turning the drugs is gonna die out and -- people are really gonna focus. I'm how amazing immaculate in stellar Whitney Houston once was. Noah Levy in touch magazine thank you so much -- to --

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{"id":15566105,"title":"Grammy Awards to Pay Tribute to Whitney Houston","duration":"2:11","description":"Awards show is being re-worked to honor the passing of the legendary singer. ","url":"/GMA/video/grammy-awards-pay-tribute-whitney-houston-dead-legendary-singer-death-entertainment-15566105","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}