Grammy Weekend: Celebrity's Party Overnight

Record producer Clive Davis holds annual pre-Grammy party leading up to the big event.
3:00 | 01/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grammy Weekend: Celebrity's Party Overnight
It is the hottest ticket of the grammy weekend. And "Gma" was there. Yeah, record producer Clive Davis held his annual pre-grammy party overnight. One of the most talked about Hollywood events of the year. And Rachel smith was in the middle of it. She has the highlights. Reporter: Hours from now, nominee nomineess Katy Perry -- Bruno Mars and robin Thicke could be celebrating with grammy wins. But the party's in full swing, and going from the looks of it, yes, long into Sunday morning before the main event. ♪ Wait until you're -- ♪ how are you getting ready? I'm performing tomorrow and I'm excited. Can't drink tonight. Reporter: The most coveted ticket in town, staged by claif Davis and the recording academy. The Beverly hills bash, packed with several proud performances -- ♪ keep on ♪ attracts the who's who of heavy hitters. Even young stars like Austin ma hone who is appearing on "Gma" later this week. It's an honor. Hopefully I will get to talk to amazing artists. Reporter: And our "Gma" Facebook fish bowl swimming with viewers questions. What will you be doing after the grammys? Reporter: Dish, boys. I -- I hope we are drinking a lot of champagne. Reporter: Highly anticipated acts, Madonna, and former beatles sir Paul Mccartney and Ringo star. I put the album out in 2003. Now in 2013, the first nomination. It's that much more exciting for me. Reporter: It was time for one last exciting dive into the fish bowl. Amanda, you're allowed only one item to keep during zombie apocalyp apocalypse, what is it? Reporter: Do tell. Baby wipes? Reporter: Thoat's genius. I love the blast from the past, the beatles, metallica, Madonna. Smokey Robinson. Yeah, a great show. Coming up on "Good morning America," Oprah celebrating a

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{"id":22002012,"title":"Grammy Weekend: Celebrity's Party Overnight","duration":"3:00","description":"Record producer Clive Davis holds annual pre-Grammy party leading up to the big event.","url":"/GMA/video/grammy-weekend-celebritys-party-overnight-22002012","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}