Grammys 2013: Mumford and Sons' Big Win

Chris Connelly reports on music's big night, and the folk group's album of the year award.
2:49 | 02/11/13

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Transcript for Grammys 2013: Mumford and Sons' Big Win
They give out awards. The people who put on the show like to talk about grammy moments. Singular moments of live performance. Plenty of those last night. The guy who brought sexy back bringing himself back. ♪ She's so fine come on tonight ♪ Reporter: It was justin timberlake in black and white and stepping out for a supper club serving of suit and tie. With jay-z in support. Super siren rihanna, could you be lovin' on the late bob marley. With getup standup work by son zig ziggy, sting, and bruno mars. And t.Swizzle looking glass style. Snow ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ Reporter: Alicia keys banging the drums. Check out adam levine's skills. All while that keep it covered dress code memo was on many minds. I'm country. I wasn't going have my butt cheeks hanging out any way. As you can see, I read the memo. Reporter: A night without an overwhelming winner. But lots of smiling faces. Like for best new artist. I was never nominated in this category and I have my own eye lash line. Reporter: Best new artist winner, fun, took home song of the year. If this is in hd, everybody can see our face, we're not very young. Reporter: Mumford & sons earned album of the year. Record of the year went to gotye for "somebody that I used to kn know" presented by the rarely seen prince. Frank ocean took home the urban contemporary gammy. With the greez zi one opting to stand out oocean's standi iing o. Kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, and adele also won. As for the unnominated justin bieber, he spent the night trying to get online with his fans but having technical difficulties. He posted this video with some new music of his and cameos of his little bro and sis. You might prefer jack white and his big bad guitar. To each his own. I liked maifs s d mavis staples. Also coming up, more revelations about the pope's

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{"id":18463685,"title":"Grammys 2013: Mumford and Sons' Big Win","duration":"2:49","description":"Chris Connelly reports on music's big night, and the folk group's album of the year award.","url":"/GMA/video/grammys-2013-mumford-sons-big-win-chris-brown-18463685","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}