Grandmother Accused of Shooting Son-In-Law

Sal Miglino allegedly shot by his mother-in-law and caught the incident on video
2:25 | 02/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grandmother Accused of Shooting Son-In-Law
Florida man shot by his mother in law back in December it all stemmed from a bitter custody battle and was all caught on tape. Some of Leno is here to tell us what happened -- first ABC's -- governed brings us back to the moment of the shooting. It was supposed to be Selma -- -- date with these three year old son. In state you've seen since -- You -- custody battle turning bloody. The chilling sound of a man being shot at him blank -- all caught on would -- an iPhone still in his hip holster. Three shots fired from a 22 Beretta two teetering intimately -- chest and shoulder. Neither could sheriff's deputies when they finally determined who the shooter really wants this woman 66 year old Cheryl -- All are. And -- the potty mouth grandmother but he -- three year old son. Police say she he had begun behind the -- -- Yet and Americans think. -- -- Let -- -- reported regarding substance thereafter but. -- -- -- -- -- It hit -- -- through. Now language Immersion into not want somebody to me. Look old -- to a 911 dispatchers say police -- -- -- you know are you pull out on out. Article on anything he ready to broke away. Police are convinced -- would have kept shooting and have charged her with attempted first degree murder she faces thirty years if convicted. This is only the fourth time -- overseen the now viral video. I can't believe it happened -- and I just can't believe pat. And I'm like I can't believe. That you know I got a second chances -- -- -- -- I had a second chance to -- -- more important. You can. It was so traumatic that nearly three months later. He still thinks she's coming after him. For Good Morning America that got him. ABC news -- that --

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Sal Miglino allegedly shot by his mother-in-law and caught the incident on video","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15709317","title":"Grandmother Accused of Shooting Son-In-Law","url":"/GMA/video/grandmother-accused-shooting-son-law-caught-tape-15709317"}