The Great 'GMA' Car Giveaway Winner Revealed

Corinne Pestana of Bridgewater, Mass., is the first of the contest's three winners.
5:32 | 11/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Great 'GMA' Car Giveaway Winner Revealed
It's the moment we have been waiting for. Time for the great "gma" car give away. We asked you why you or someone you love deserves a new mazda. Thousands of you entered. It was tough. We narrowed them down to three winners. You're about to meet winner number one. She's from -- can I say it? Bridgewater, massachusetts. Here's her story. It all started with a letter from a childhood friend. My best friend since chile hood is incredibly deserving of one of the new cars. Reporter: They've been friends since they were both 4 years old. It breaks my heart to hear that she's struggling. Reporter: Beloved in her hometown of bridgewater, massachusetts, she's known as the most generous lady in town. If she had five cents in her pocket and you asked for $5, she would give you $5. She made the game fun for a lot of kids in bridgewater. My mom is a great lady. She does everything for me. She works really hard. Her friends call her the town taxi, using her 11-year-old minivan to help any way she can. Half the kids in the whole community have been in this car because she's making sure that she's getting everybody here, there, and everywhere. Reporter: But that old minivan's days with over 200,000 miles are numbered. The steering is spotty. The windows don't roll down. It's unlikely the van will pass inspection again. The money is not there. Even if she bought a used car, she couldn't do it. Reporter: The struggle of now get another car is constantly on her mind. If she was to win this car, this would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to her. Reporter: So this morning, "good morning america" is giving a brand-new car the a single mom who has kept her family together even as her car was falling apart. She's just a great person. Like, I love her. Everyone loves her. She's the right one. She deserves to win. Oh, we don't want to wait any longer. Out to sara. Because corinne is waiting for the surprise of her life. Sara? Hi, robin. We're pulling up right now. Corinne has no idea we're here. now she does. corinne! Oh, my god, oh, my god! Yes! Oucar giveaway. Come back here, come back here. Wait, wait, wait. Look at all these people. How are you feeling right now? Oh, my god. Oh, my god! You are the winner of a brand-new mazda 3, compliments of our partner, mazda. How are you feeling? I'm overwhelmed. I'm a winner. Look at all these faces. They all came out for you. Your little league team. Your colleagues, your family. Everyone is here right now. Oh, my god! You know who nominated you for this award? Kat think did. Where is she? Florida. Oh, that's a bummer. Who is she? My oldest, dearest friend from forever. Since kindergarten. Since, oh, my god. Oh, look at this. oh, my god. Oh, my god. This is crazy. You did it from florida. And you haven't seen each other since when? 2008. 2008. Why did you nominate corinne? Because she's so deserving. The most unselfish person there is. She's my best friend. My bff. How excited? How are you both feeling to see each other? I don't know if I'm more excited to see her or you. Well, take a look at this brand-new car. Oh, my god. I hope you're not in the backseat a bunch. Are you excited? Oh, gosh, yes! It's wicked. It's wicked awesome. It is. We'll let our celebration continue. Back to you in the studio. Sara, tell corinne we're jumping up and down for her as well. They're jumping up and down for you, too. Does she remember the first car she ever had? Sara, ask her. What was the first car you ever bought? It was a duster. A duster. It's a duster. I knew it was. I wanted to hear her say duster. Tell her to get in the car.

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{"id":20923082,"title":"The Great 'GMA' Car Giveaway Winner Revealed","duration":"5:32","description":"Corinne Pestana of Bridgewater, Mass., is the first of the contest's three winners.","url":"/GMA/video/great-gma-car-giveaway-winner-revealed-20923082","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}