The Great 'GMA' Gingerbread Competition

The anchors compete to see who can make the best gingerbread house.
5:54 | 12/24/11

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Transcript for The Great 'GMA' Gingerbread Competition
Nothing like a little shark -- -- -- competition is nice things up on this Christmas Eve how. We all squared off for -- GMA gingerbread house contest that these are not your average gingerbread houses they -- in usual. Cinematic twist check and a. Is the ultimate Christmas culinary competition. And -- anger and no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Inspired by our favorite Christmas movie -- To tackle this -- I decided to stick with a Christmas classic. Just like -- that is that is one of my favorite all time. Christmas movies -- miracle on 34 street building Macy's department store all out of go here that. It's perfectly -- -- the reigning champion. I own the championship. They have to take it away from me bring it on. Ron's going to need a miracle he's building New York. But I'm building a -- gingerbread -- -- -- -- -- And his students. I think that prince who is still president we. You are a. I would -- really -- -- yet have that it was fun to -- me. I think great she's actually very talented and so I feel very confident about this -- to -- -- seriously -- -- dream I feel like this is one. I think my competition's talent may -- T sat with these small but I'm bringing some comedy today its competition. Said. -- -- -- -- And I pick the movie -- because it's one of the few funny movies genuinely funny one of a little North Pole Santa workshop house. And you know Rockefeller Center we're -- guys in the -- in this I -- Let's do it. I feel feel like. Even though -- IA and horribly bad it at -- I'm not good at this I can be all of them but guess which one of these did that one that looks like it was designed by a two year old -- very helpful very. Can come up shoes easily and it really try that hard to -- -- -- -- very. Oh really. The year because my house is about light up the competition -- literally. Yeah. Shows with nationally at this Christmas vacation if we don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- the Griswold house -- -- -- -- they -- so bright that Howard the entire city goes down. I -- just envisioning a gingerbread house with a lot of -- around it. That's where we're at an all need more than just icing to win I'm pulling out the big guns that he no not cousin Eddie. -- hope hope but these guys. Clearly we are that are real taste of decapitation scrumptious. But when the cookie crumbles only one of us can be the star on top of this Christmas tree. Aren't listening closer look at these gingerbread -- we all know that -- one but let's just everybody else a little chance to talk about it -- when you get down there. You're not gonna wind down houses. I know that my -- I had my collaborator was that Laurie good to know right here right next to me -- from. Take alchemy to call yourself a Kate Taylor not exactly a pastry -- would take Taylor rightness describe our house and she's great found a couple of car -- miracle on 34 street so -- the backdrop. Macy's. And of course -- standing here with Susan and all the mail letters crimes letters right here seeing Ron Claiborn. And then -- All the reindeer. The tree of lights -- -- -- -- with the leaves in the -- can help brought out the gender friend Samantha. Ms. Lawrence and though I -- admit injured puzzling -- well and hinges it is Jennifer -- -- we already have a win with that ends -- death threat. Barrett is the show -- financial district I told you whimsical fun and who -- and he went. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like he's -- just had a lot of fun gingerbread is all about can be colored sprinkles. And I think we've managed to get everything on him and the -- is right -- and a little things she does feel everything away. Excellent team. Beautiful art my my partner here take that Mike is Michael Gabriel the executive pay reflected -- restaurant group so talk us through. Why this is gonna win for software that you my partner yes and I find. -- -- because we have the funniest movie during christmastime health and we have the largest character and by the way this is an edible -- and everything that a more on this on this piece right here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Santa workshop I made a -- -- but he skated behind the buildings. -- -- All right well I had Elizabeth -- we work together she's the owner Elizabeth host custom cakes and sugar art. National campaigns -- vacation why as a -- and went we have so much going on him at consider wind as -- can see little mini me and seen me that they window there. We've got. Sugars -- -- lawn ornament we got the tree crashing through the window and technical for his long fashion and of course you can't have a -- -- -- out the lights went out -- all right. Good really good but we do need to get to the winner -- -- -- -- the judges are members of the boys and girls choir from the Harlem alumni ensemble so take it away who won. Yeah. Okay. -- -- -- I came here I definitely Leningrad camera -- back to thank you to all of our chefs these guys did a wonderful job.

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{"id":15227227,"title":"The Great 'GMA' Gingerbread Competition","duration":"5:54","description":"The anchors compete to see who can make the best gingerbread house. ","url":"/GMA/video/great-gma-gingerbread-competition-15227227","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}