Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Out of Control

Paula Faris reviews star's out of control rant that was caught on tape.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Out of Control
CC1 Test message ♪ talk an emic on-stage tirade even for a rock star. Billie joe armstrong caught on tape, totally out of control and unleashing a ton of vulgarities. Paula is here with the e d details. It happened over the week at the iheartradio music festival in las vegas. Billie joe armstrong storms off stage after unleashing an epic rant. It started suddenly. Give me a break. Billie joe armstrong goes off, out of nowhere, diving into a tirade. I'm not justin bieber. Smashing the guitar before storming off stage. Shocks the thousands of fans who just moments earlier were rocking out with own of the biggest bands in the world. ♪ so how did it go from this to this? I got one minute. One minute left. Now I got nothing left. It turned his freakout was a matter of time, you can see a monitor, cue the band, they have one minute left that's what set him off. Look at that sign right there. Their entire set was nearly cut in half so so usher could have more time I have been around since 1988. The melton came just after the megapopular band rocked out on the roof of "good morning america." But the eyeliner-loving singer isn't the first to turn into a basket case on stage. IN THE LATE 1980s, THE PIANO MAN Goes off the rails. Billy joel flipping over his keyboard, smashing his microphone, all because the lighting was bad. And here kanye west stopped his concert in washington, d.C., always because of thlighting and watch elton john suddenly get slap-happy with his mike at a concert in new york. But all in all, armstrong's tirade might take the cake. Oh, no comment from billie joe armstrong's camp. As he was leaving the stage he declared, quote, we'll be back. Our lighting is good. Imagine if it wasn't? We would flip out all right, paula thank you. Still ahead on "good morning america" -- holy animal kingdom.

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{"id":17301114,"title":"Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Out of Control","duration":"3:00","description":"Paula Faris reviews star's out of control rant that was caught on tape.","url":"/GMA/video/green-days-billie-joe-armstrong-control-17301114","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}