Greg Kelly Sexual Assault Accuser: New Details

Jim Avila reports on the latest in the investigation of the NYC TV personality.
2:23 | 01/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Greg Kelly Sexual Assault Accuser: New Details
Sexual assault allegations against the sun. Of the country's most prominent police commissioner we're learning more now about Greg Kelly's accuser and what happened that night NBC's Jim -- here with all these details morning -- Good morning Robin Greg Kelly has asked for some time off -- his bosses at fox TV while police investigate the rape accusations against him. And sources tell ABC news police are looking at what could be some important communications. Between Kelly in the accuser. After the alleged attack in which she appears to wonder why he hadn't call. The morning news on the fox New York flagship station went on without one of its -- Greg Kelly the -- of New York's police commissioner Ray Kelly. Accused of rape was not on the air and while there was no direct explanation. The program -- cover the story. Seven minutes into the newscast -- Is that a woman came forward. -- NYPD detectives on Tuesday and claimed that Kelly attacked her on October the eight. Kelly a war veteran and former Fox News Channel White House correspondent has made no comment or appearances since the accusation became public. But his attorney denies any wrongdoing and is confident the district attorney's investigation. Will prove mr. Kelly's innocents. Kelly's accuser is around thirty years -- a paralegal who works at a law firm where she is well regarded. But while it's too early to draw conclusions multiple sources say there are significant questions about some portions of the -- story. Multiple sources have told ABC news that there were a series of text messages between the woman named Greg Kelly after the alleged incident. Prosecutors are attempting to determine whether anything said in those text messages incriminate or vindicates Kelly. ABC news has also learned that the accuser told investigators she believed she had become pregnant as a result of the attack and she subsequently had an abortion. Investigators are working to establish the facts Mayor Bloomberg says his department and commissioner -- -- did exactly the right thing and turning over the case and not answering any questions about it. I thought the police department did exactly what they should do. They right away turned over an investigation to the district attorney because you don't want the appearance of a conflict of interest. So there is lots of work to do whether district attorney's office and so far Greg Kelly's attorney of course says he's innocent the DA's investigation. Will prove and so -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15455142,"title":"Greg Kelly Sexual Assault Accuser: New Details","duration":"2:23","description":"Jim Avila reports on the latest in the investigation of the NYC TV personality.","url":"/GMA/video/greg-kelly-sexual-assault-accuser-details-15455142","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}