Greta Van Susteren Speaks Out Against Roger Ailes and Fox News

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:08 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for Greta Van Susteren Speaks Out Against Roger Ailes and Fox News
Now on the big board our team that insiders is standing by a lot of women today's top stories day. An Abrams here with us for the first when it feels of Fox News and Greta Van Susteren remember she left the network earlier this month and are now she's taken on a former bosses saying they failed to check. Roger Ailes the sexual harassment allegations and then did this is only a turnabout for Greta she'd been defending him. It's that threat to she'd been defending l.'s most importantly that and people are talking about this she also went after group Gretchen Carlson. In multiple interviews they always say yeah calling heard disgruntled employee saying it these allegations were wrong. So firm credited now come forward and say you know what. I didn't need to defend them I've regretted it setter and that's only a part of it what about the part where you were attacking Gretchen Carlson. I think of war sort of a full and complete apology. Is really needed to is to turn the tides here. And this is also what she said if her FaceBook post Greta she said I regret that Roger Ailes was not supervised by those in a public corporation who had the duty. To supervise have won't these comments affect the ongoing litigation we'll look I think she may end up having litigation but that's feels like a cop out look Greta he's a friend of mine I have enormous respect I regret I think but but the bottom line is to suggest that she didn't know that Roger Ailes had almost complete autonomy at Fox News. Feels a cop out at me every one knew. That Roger sales. Had. Almost complete autonomy to do what he wanted there and she made comment after comment after comment. Supporting him not just saying something like you know what I work for them he was always professional I never saw anything like that she went much further. Then that in her comments so it's a little bit tough. For her to have it both ways any she does end up in litigation. With fox a lot of these old statements are gonna come back to haunt if that there has been a lawyer is easier to learn how their blood everywhere. I don't look at I think it he's probably leading. The charge here on the on the legal. We'll see what happens thinks there. Now the back concerning the report about parents and medical mistakes the American academy of pediatrics putting. It's funny 100 parents would test finding more than 80% of them made at least one. Dosing error when measuring liquid medication intended for children doctor Jennifer Ashton is gonna talk about this in Jan when you when you see these numbers. 68%. The researchers discovered that 68% of the time. The errors would have led to an overdose this is such startling information jet. Absolutely Robin and here's the actual study it occurred in the cleaner journal of pediatrics. And some context here we've heard that there have been issues which don't sing particularly liquid medications for kids. Because they come mostly and that leak would form and so this study really sought to further define. The labeling and the dosing and to some extent health literacy do we need labels in Spanish do parents really understand. Decimal points and milliliters I can be hard to understand and the result says you mentioned. Almost fell 85% made one or more ARRIS. 68%. Made over dosing errors. This is a wake up call we have to do better this could literally be a life for Darren Powell isn't really easily because that's what can parents do to make sure they get right. So I think the first thing I ask ask ask ask your pediatrician and ask the pharmacist made sure you understand. What if it's correct dose for your child is. And ask to see and ask him to show you. Because that is keyed the visual on those syringes is important and men account for that spitting up kids often will spit up the medication. And keep the med records that's what we do in the hospital. You've really helpful and cajun thanks very much to remove and had a big week rumor to look at the second to be self driving cars and Pittsburg is to be the first time. The technology's been available the general public Becky Worley is here with more on that and thank you draw hot raising a lot of questions what people say as a way to send. Saying. If they could give an autonomous driving freaking people out a little bit the let's break this down. Three weeks ago George Hoover announcing self driving cars would be coming to Pittsburgh now the times reporting a roll out imminent any day now. But the idea of a hundred autonomous vehicles cruising the streets of Steel City. Present it's a little worried why no public awareness campaign snow route notifications to fire and rescue services. And the mayor bill for dinner saying yeah stands. His direct quote you can either put up red tape or roll out the red carpet. But I think it's worth hitting the brakes on this. This is not hundred robotic cars roaming Pittsburgh every car we'll have a driver and ready to take over as needed. Assisted technology not autonomy. OK but so heads up everybody though thinks this is a good idea. I don't think I mean I thought I had to figure your words and I've had some good humor drivers' routes they had that there's some of them and I'm fervently you know. But I don't follow a break from there isn't. Yeah. We're both of them are good but that the they re just went down guy yeah. Thanks to all of our insiders.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42025862","title":"Greta Van Susteren Speaks Out Against Roger Ailes and Fox News","url":"/GMA/video/greta-van-susteren-speaks-roger-ailes-fox-news-42025862"}