Grosse Pointe Suspect Bob Bashara: 'I'm Innocent'

The husband of the victim of a Michigan killing speaks exclusively to ABC News.
4:15 | 02/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grosse Pointe Suspect Bob Bashara: 'I'm Innocent'
Grosse Pointe park murder mystery police executing a search warrant at the home of Bob the -- his wife was found strangled in her SUV two weeks ago. ABC's any canning sat down exclusively with all the -- and Andrea I know right after the interview learned the police made a significant discovery there at the home right. Get good morning Robin it was reportedly a very significant discovery this was actually. The second time they had searched this home they were here for hours yesterday they search the home from top to bottom but it's what they found in the garage that has everyone talking. Human bloods. It was an unwanted surprise visit for Bob Bishara police -- in an out of his home Wednesday looking for evidence in connection with the murder of his wife Jane. -- strangled and her SUV over two weeks ago. In his first network interview Bishara told us he had no reason to kill his wife of 26 years. Is there any motive that you could have had. To kill your wife -- financial -- -- didn't want to be married to her anymore none whatsoever we had a very good to open relationship. Are you scared for the day that the police may come for you. I'm frightened about -- couldn't know that I could spend the rest of my life from jail for a crime I didn't commit. There's a very scary thing. Bishara was joined by his daughter Jessica who held his hand through most of the interview standing by her father. Do you believe there's any chance that your father could be capable of murdering. Your mother. No not at all without a doubt in my mind I know -- he did not do it there's no way -- -- -- you so sure how can you be so sure. I just know how my mom felt -- and there is never. I need it you -- -- -- towards violence. She says her father couldn't have killed their mother because in a bizarre twist Bob Bishara -- man has already confessed to the crime -- -- -- -- but -- -- -- -- -- -- Reporters chased after Joseph Ganz who appeared in court Wednesday morning for -- and related custody hearing involving his young daughter. Reports say Joseph Ganz who sources tell ABC news has the IQ of a third grader. Claims he was forced to kill -- Bishara because Bob held a gun to his -- to -- make you do it. Do you believe Joseph -- I do believe he's the one that he wanted more money from me. He he badgered me. And yes I do believe he's capable of it -- one of the stories and Joseph is reportedly telling us that you forced happened. To kill Jane I don't own a firearm and I. Absolutely. Had nothing to do with us. This is a sick assessment. I'm just park officials held deranged he has. They sure as attorney believes against possibly showed up at the Bishara home demanding to be paid for money he was out but when Jane answered the door things got violent. But -- char -- own alleged double life which was off limits in our interview continues to draw scrutiny. Including allegations he was involved with this secret ass an -- Sachs trimmed down these stairs he's also repeatedly denied having an affair with this woman Rachel -- -- Is it just. All -- you know one you know what I'm not -- to comment on that. Because it has nothing to do with the case. But the showers attorney wasn't so quick to deny the affair with Gillette is this something are now willing to possibly met that he could have an affair. The -- open marriage comes to mind. And Jane was okay with fat and my belief is that. It was an openly -- if you are arrested. Are you fighting this -- and absolutely. I did nothing wrong. I didn't commit murder I didn't pay to have my wife killed about a see this through the and then I'm innocent. Now as for that reported human blood that was found in the garage it has been sent off for testing. The star's attorney says it proves nothing about his client he says it could have. Come from anywhere and -- he also says that. He finds it fishy that they didn't find that blood the first time they extensively searched this home two weeks ago. Andrea thank you very much for your reporting.

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{"id":15545755,"title":"Grosse Pointe Suspect Bob Bashara: 'I'm Innocent'","duration":"4:15","description":"The husband of the victim of a Michigan killing speaks exclusively to ABC News.","url":"/GMA/video/gross-point-suspect-bob-bashara-interview-innocent-15545755","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}