Grosse Pointe Murder: Accomplice Not Credible?

Bob Bashara's alleged accomplice has given conflicting accounts.
3:00 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grosse Pointe Murder: Accomplice Not Credible?
Those shocking new allegations about the husband at the center of the Michigan murder case. That mother to found strangled in her car. An avalanche of new revelations about his alleged secret life of ABC's Dan Harris you've been on this from the very beginning the morning. Revenue -- -- -- overnight we spoke to Bob -- -- -- attorney who says he does not expect that his client will be charged with murder but he does say. That he worries that of any charges do come. All these reports about the -- secret SN and sex life could. Taint the jury. He's wiped away tears he's publicly proclaimed his anguish that's just unthinkable things happen to her and now this morning Bob a -- attorney. Tells ABC news that despite reports his client failed -- police polygraph. A new privately administered test shows his client was not involved in the murder of his wife Jane. Found strangled in her Mercedes nine days ago. What the administrator told me was that -- in his opinion. Bob Bishara. Did not kill his wife. And Bob Bishara had nothing to do with -- wife's death. According to attorney David Graham this is the man who should really be blamed Joseph Ganz who according to -- sources has confessed to killing Jane Bishara. Dance say police sources claim Bishara paid them less than two grand to do it but Bashar as attorney tells ABC news -- is not credible. By last -- for months or since he's told six different stories in each of the stories contradict the other. Meantime his killing has not one of America's wealthiest communities back on its heels and unleashed a river of revelations. About Bob Bashar as extraordinary. Extracurricular. Love life. Reportedly in the weeks before she was murdered Jane Bishara -- learned that her husband had a mistress the woman's landlord didn't know Bishara was married. I thought they were friends and first. Because he did things for her used to -- her elderly dog for a walk during the day. -- -- -- extramarital activities apparently didn't end there seen here in a YouTube video promoting a local bar called the hard luck lounge. But Charles was according to local media reports involved in an essay and am Dan -- secret sex club located down these stairs -- -- that bar in a building he owned. Whether or not involved has an alternative lifestyle that doesn't make him -- criminal that doesn't make him a wife killer. What it does is it makes it easier lead to full called for us to get a fairer trial if he's charged. Meanwhile this morning there's this time is running out for police in Grosse Pointe park and they are only allowed to hold Joseph against the alleged accomplice here for 72 hours. Without arresting him in -- 72 hours is now up. If they may have a certain amount of leeway here but the clock is certainly ticking on this -- and people are waiting to see what's gonna happen indeed all right Dan thank you brought to you this weekend.

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{"id":15504903,"title":"Grosse Pointe Murder: Accomplice Not Credible?","duration":"3:00","description":"Bob Bashara's alleged accomplice has given conflicting accounts.","url":"/GMA/video/grosse-pointe-murder-accomplice-credible-15504903","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}