Grosse Pointe Slaying: Was Husband Having an Affair?

Andrea Canning reports on the latest details in the case against Bob Bashara.
2:47 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grosse Pointe Slaying: Was Husband Having an Affair?
This on the Grosse Pointe park murder mystery and the husband -- -- Shara. Under suspicion in his wife's brutal -- we're hearing more from him and the woman sources say are. Business -- calling his mistress ABC's Andrea canning -- here. With the new details from morning good morning Robin of -- Bob Shara has denied having an affair and says he had nothing to do with -- the death of his wife Jane. But a source has come forward telling us that that affair did happen. There are also new details this morning about the man who dropped a bombshell claiming he was paid to kill -- Bishara. -- chance the man who walked into a Grosse Pointe park police station and allegedly confessed to killing 56 year old Jane Bishara. May not be in police custody. But in an exclusive audio taped interview his brother who wants to remain anonymous tells ABC news -- may have been involved. But I believe that something. Happen -- this summit is -- go at a police station Internet cells. Matt Millen. What the -- but would be. -- who worked as a handyman for Jane -- -- husband Bob allegedly told police -- paid him 2000 dollars to kill his wife. The marketing executive was found strangled in her SUV in -- Detroit -- January 25. But jones' brother believes Joseph was manipulated. I believe -- took advantage and shows. -- and is. Disabilities his abilities of speech and writing about the third offense fifth grade education. Bishara who has publicly wiped away tears and more to his wife has denied any involvement in her death. Meanwhile -- is alleged relationships outside of his marriage continue to draw scrutiny including allegations of a secret -- and sex life. Allegedly carried on in the basement of this bar a building which Bishara owned. Sources tell ABC news this woman Rachel Gillette seen here with Bishara was having a long term affair with him. Allegedly posting comments online about her sex life with a man she called master Bob in a statement obtained exclusively by ABC news Gillette says she is cooperating with police. But did not comment on the alleged affair saying instead. I feel this issue has been terribly exploited and I wish no part in what has become a distraction to a serious murder investigation. In an interview aired late Monday in Detroit station WG IV Bishara denied allegations of extramarital affairs. The reports and the other woman by the name of Rachel. You would -- -- that -- she was a good friend. Bob -- Chara says he did have a dispute with Joseph -- over money but says he barely knew him. He claims his family is now scared for their lives saying it's a slap in the face that police released dance without providing them any protection.

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{"id":15528194,"title":"Grosse Pointe Slaying: Was Husband Having an Affair?","duration":"2:47","description":"Andrea Canning reports on the latest details in the case against Bob Bashara.","url":"/GMA/video/grosse-pointe-slaying-husband-affair-15528194","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}