Grover Reveals Favorite Moment on 'Sesame Street'

Muppet dishes on super powers, the dance move Mando taught him.
3:00 | 11/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grover Reveals Favorite Moment on 'Sesame Street'
We are here on the sat at Sesame Street -- our thanks for -- -- won't thank you thank you for coming here and visiting me. Home. -- what is it like living on -- -- -- what does wonderful. You write it does Wear my mommy and daddy aren't is where all of my friends -- -- you have done. It also happens to be where I keep my socks you're so yes we seen -- really eyewitness does this is true. Yes I'd really like to do you -- never -- you all know what I want to know what are your Grover superpowers like. All called you mean when I'm -- my flashy kingpin and dog yeah. -- -- -- Com I can fly. We'll do okay. I'm not so good -- and install. No look -- but my biggest my biggest. Superpower -- has been so helpful. Super helpful yes telling you super helpful would do well -- you aren't a rescue that will keep these from the -- -- -- yeah. Thank you -- -- boom. I will picked up -- We're almost from the moment I can you -- I that -- Watson to you. Sure -- really tell what UBS. Yes absolutely I would -- wash your clothes at Jack review that is a huge offered no one has ever made to me so I'll take you up anchor all right but what is it like it. Mondale who's -- newest member Stephanie gold bond to what -- just -- Here is fantastic. -- is fantastic and and he's got some great -- and move. Have you learned any can you so essential to see some see senator teach -- month just on this okay. My next Patty Duke -- did you had to watch closely watched. It why don't tell us pretty good yeah yeah it's -- impressed portrait you now can you -- your absolute favorite favorite person in the world. You're putting me on the spots. Oh yeah I cannot tell anything -- roots. -- -- -- garden you're you're just digging up for -- -- -- street to argue not public. It. There to Oscar's trash -- will find much to -- there and that's the only article experts from -- And that the only dirt I'm gonna get on Sesame Street that's his right my lips are sealed. Can you tell us what we can expect in this new season on Sesame Street -- gosh you know we. I would say Sesame Street is a lot like the Bermuda Triangle for celebrities oh yeah yeah -- just dropping and I'm -- expected so -- -- we will have lots of parent but it's. It's it's -- It's just it's a story -- street people coming on the street right thing. We'll read -- -- and end this -- -- and no different. -- got all sorts of celebrities combined -- yeah and is Sarah favorite moment you've had an all the time on Sesame Street off. All. -- Ole boy it's half. We -- not on the street all pointed to you nor I had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you teach me something. I guess just -- well yeah that's a great well we -- sang all about. -- -- -- Just. We're just. Version here that's all. And god dealt with with which -- about a -- Ball -- all its. That was not to find what -- -- 5 I am so impressed thank you thank you. Thank you for for letting us -- your street absolutely hang out with Q for the day in your neighborhood. And if you want to hurt. There.

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{"id":20936965,"title":"Grover Reveals Favorite Moment on 'Sesame Street'","duration":"3:00","description":"Muppet dishes on super powers, the dance move Mando taught him.","url":"/GMA/video/grover-reveals-favorite-moment-sesame-street-20936965","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}