'Growing Pains' Star Revisits Hardship

Actress Tracey Gold talks about her new Lifetime show, "Starving Secrets."
5:37 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for 'Growing Pains' Star Revisits Hardship
Actress Tracey gold struggled. Very publicly with eating disorder while working on the hit show growing pains. But now -- years later she says she's recovered. She wants to help others that's what she's doing her new show -- called starving secrets on lifetime we'll talk to her about that in just a moment the first. A look back. We hadn't had a child actor from the age of four Tracey gold quickly became a star and her teenage years. -- -- -- -- -- -- first doesn't guest star on her sister Melissa gold show -- didn't show. And then as Carol Seaver the nerdy straight a daughter on the 1980s sitcom growing pains. Tracy is sad that her issues with food began when she was nineteen -- the TV show incorporated lots of fat jokes. -- her character's expense. Treaty took it to heart and practically starved herself. Diagnosed with anorexia and the rest of the cast recently told me they vividly remember her struggling with her waits. What was the breaking point freedom they -- you know and I got to say something she just looked so sick. And I was just afraid she wasn't gonna make it did you speak to any of your cast mates we're -- really worried about it but I just I felt very. Maternal now -- using that experience in a provocative news show called starting secrets. She's intervening to help save lives and in the process showing others just have serious games. And Tracy gold is with us right now welcome good morning -- -- so much -- how -- -- I'm great absolutely great and excited to -- to share the show with you guys you were telling me this summer earlier this fall when we saw lightning -- -- And the entire cast on the world feeling really fulfilled by this project Hamid you seek it out it's it's such -- passion. Project of mine. You know for -- it really became obvious that so many people over the years have been coming to me. And an almost pulling me to a corner talking to me -- my sister my friend my mother. It was almost a secret and machine to it and I sort of I want to shine a light on I was wanted to take it. Show people what it's really like and also. On the sat isolate isolating kind of way that it truly is hard for -- go to -- You constantly have to regurgitate your experience I thought it would be harder than it was it was actually cathartic and and help to me it's it just. I think every time -- help somebody else sells its strengths that strengthens me do you ever worry that your did you ever feel there. Knapp -- I speak I consider myself for covered and I think that's important thing to say -- Because and it's not like your crotch that if things go wrong in life and -- -- going to -- point that you you don't fall back on that and I feel strong. And and and and in didn't really securing it we look great -- let's talk about the show specifically we're gonna look a little clip it's starting secrets and on this is Melissa. Yes -- -- take a look. To get better and and you find everything. I'm going to get any place and you can find things that problems could soon -- the turnout when. -- not -- what I mean bringing. Hi I'm honestly believe they're in their -- You can -- recovering here. And so hard to watch dance around struggling she should Madrid coach and he she is interesting because she -- in -- -- treatment as she always come up against insurance kicking around after thirty days. I so I had a lot empathy for that and really you don't want to help our. And I kept reassuring her that -- that -- you're gonna get treatment longer than thirty days and he got around thirty day mark. She start to resist treatment I don't think she knew what to do what she got to that place -- treatment. -- like nothing you can state don't find problems -- with treatment. Continue I think once she DH got over that hurdle she was able to find success you feel like we give it that you've got on -- -- she she was she athlete and yeah round super proud of her what was the secret to your success. As it was a struggle for -- -- it was such a struggle and it took a really long time and it wasn't an overnight thing but I really believe that I got sick and tired of being sick. Would it act would anorexia have killed you. I'll I believe that would -- and if it didn't hit it it -- Robbed me of my life and the things I want him like a quantity married to my boyfriend -- my husband I want it to. Have a career I want to act when -- children all those things anorexia stood in the way of I want I was able to let go of back. The things and you want to about a like I was able to get in today for children -- -- boy when everybody. Ranging in age from from fourteenth artery to three up your mind here. Q I'm the thought out and and we were talking a moment ago it's not necessarily. Like capture. When you don't have a little girl there's still an important conversation to have about anorexia absolutely I'm me I'm raising. Boys and -- the young men and they need to know how to speak to women and know that words count. We can't have a saying at our house interests that efforts backed the effort also means backed me don't say that in the house near you just don't throw around things and people we don't know how. Your words are gonna affect somebody else. Because though it was words that's absolutely can't easily recycled trees a goal love having you here -- -- -- blacks and everybody please check out starting secrets. The premiere on lifetime December 2 at 10 PM.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Actress Tracey Gold talks about her new Lifetime show, \"Starving Secrets.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15039589","title":"'Growing Pains' Star Revisits Hardship","url":"/GMA/video/growing-pains-star-tracey-gold-revisits-hardship-role-15039589"}