Sandler on Writing 1st-Ever Sequel of His Career

Comedian joins Kevin James, David Spade and Shaq in discussing sequel to hit film "Grown Ups."
6:29 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for Sandler on Writing 1st-Ever Sequel of His Career
starring in "grown ups 2," the sequel to the 2010 runaway hit family comedy. Before we talk to you guys, and, kevin, I know you're eyeing the doughnuts. I like the little reward system you've set up, robin. You keep watching this. And everyone else will watch a clip of "grown ups 2." Yeah. What's up with the school bus? Okay. I soaped it. What? Put your hands in the air. And wave them like you just don't care. Say, ho. Ho. Say, oh. Oh. Shaq. Thank you for bringing the laughter. It is the perfect summer movie. Going to bring a lot of kids here. Kids can go. Parents can go. Adam, I didn't realize, this is your first sequel. It is. We did the "grown ups" three years ago. We had the greatest time together. And a bunch of comedians, we're all old friends. And we had an idea for a movie about a day in the life of a bunch of guys our age who have families. And we thought it would make sense to be a sequel. We got shaq and got him in on this. And other friends of ours. And pretty damn good. It's wonderful. I saw some of my "sportscenter" fellows. Boomer, chris berman. It's nice. It's wonderful how you see the characters pop up like that. I don't imagine, kevin and david, it took much convincing to come back and do part two. Well, I'm staying at adam's house. He just said, we're going to do another one. All right. I'm going to sleep for a couple more hours. I said, no five times, shockingly. They kept calling. I had other projects. I had things stew issing. But I thought it wasn't fair. Chris rock called me once. And he got us in the same room. And we should say, chris was here earlier. He's very busy. Yeah. He thinks he's great. They're all staying at my house during that time. We dragged him into it. We'll get to him in a little bit. Shaq here because you -- i hear -- these are trained professionals. Comedians. I've known you for a long time. Adam, you were saying he was the funniest on the set? Shaq? Adam said it. Adam said it. Chris rock says it, too. Every comedian who was in the movie walked away going, shaq's better than me. It's like being on the court WITH LARRY BIRD, LeBRON JAMES And michael jordan. I had to step my game up. I've come a long waybecause of them. You know? shazam set the pace. I didn't want to go there. But we do have a clip of "shazam." We wouldn't do that. Don't show it. You mentioned about the young ones. And they were really funny. Taylor lautner. And patrick schwarzenegger. They play the frat boys. It was good to have them in because they're the young bucks. You guys are a little older and kind of help play off of them. Their bodies are smoother than ours. There's no doubt about it. Yeah. It's what the movie's about. We're getting a little older. We want to hang on to our youth. And we see the real youth out there. And we kind of go at each other for a little bit. And it was great to be around them. Their lives are better than ours. But that's fine. And, david, your character -- I don't want to say -- you had to grow up a little bit. Yeah. I got a call, a son I found out about. So, I went -- no. In the movie. I go to meet him. And I thought he was 4. He's 16. And he's huge. And then, I'm scared of him the whole movie. There he is. Oh, yeah. There he is. Looks just like you. Yeah. He's a cute kid. So, he -- yeah. I was terrified. A but it was really fun. It's a new, fun element to the movie. We got a bunch of new things, knowing it was a sequel, we had to bring it up a little bit. We got more things going on and we wanted to get a little more into it. Shaq's a nice add. Shaq was great. Was it intimidating because the first one was such a huge hit. Very intimidating. One day in the staples center, I'm having a hell of a game. So, I'm looking at adam, the Adam tells me, I'm going to put you in a movie. So, this is the third movie I've done for you. Yeah. When I get the call, I was up in boston, sure. I was very intimidated. And I hope -- you held your own. You held your own, man. Thank you. Aw. See there? Very sweet. There's so many great parts to the movie. But the one that really I think A LOT OF PEOPLE -- THE '80s Themed parties. In your back yard. Yeah. How did you come up. You're the boss. How did you come up with the characters you were go to PLAY FROM THE '80s. Rock was a perfect prince. Rock does prince. And there's two princes. Well, I was meant to play me. Closer than that. This was a choice. I picked bruce springsteen, strictly because it was jeans and a t-shirt. And I knew we were shooting it for about 2 1/2 weeks. And I was happy to see him all wigged up and him in a fake mustache. You're -- I was going to be kaj goo or flock of sea gulls. And you're one of the miami vice gang. Yeah. It really made the movie. And it kind of -- you know, you sneak heart in there on us, adam. Sneaky. You speak neak it like that with the group. It's a film that everyone can go to. Hoops is a part of the first one. We're a competitive group here. We're going to have a challenge. Kevin, again with the game face. I'm -- pass the doughnuts. I'm on to something with meat. But we're going to go. We'll see.

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{"id":19625989,"title":"Sandler on Writing 1st-Ever Sequel of His Career","duration":"6:29","description":"Comedian joins Kevin James, David Spade and Shaq in discussing sequel to hit film \"Grown Ups.\"","url":"/GMA/video/grown-ups-interview-2013-adam-sandler-writing-1st-19625989","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}