Gruesome Testimony Revealed in Love Murder Trial

George Huguely is accused of murdering Yeardley Love in her college apartment.
1:52 | 02/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gruesome Testimony Revealed in Love Murder Trial
Other emotional days on tap in the murder trial. Of a former lacrosse -- lacrosse player at the University of Virginia charged with killing his ex girlfriend prosecutors. Are painting George -- we as a violent abuser who brutally attack Yardley love. And left her bleeding -- -- -- Lindsey Davis has more. -- -- sat solemnly in the courtroom. While love's mother and sister quietly cried as they heard detailed and gruesome testimony about how the 22 year old -- dying in her bed for two hours after she was allegedly assaulted by the former lacrosse player. There aren't -- the prosecution described Q -- as furious after accusing -- of sleeping with someone else. They pointed to a menacing email he allegedly centered days before she died on May second to 2010. I should have killed you acutely wrote. You should have killed me -- responded we should talk tonight acutely wrote back prosecutors wasted no time putting out a history of domestic abuse in the relationship. That -- glee had been drinking nonstop the day -- was killed. And that she died of blunt force trauma to the head not long after Hugh -- kicked a hole in the door to her bedroom. Eight people were called to the witness stand including love's mother sister and her roommate -- discovered her body. -- -- -- And it -- very hard but I don't know where he without teen. The defense maintains that -- hugely in love had consumed roughly double the legal limit of alcohol. And that he took her computer when he left not to hide their email exchange but to use as collateral so she'd have to talk to him the next day. It a time trying to establish that hugely could be guilty of nothing more than involuntary. Manslaughter. The prosecution focused on questioning love's mother and sister about who -- -- belongings how they were moved. And where they were moved to truly an emotional day of testimony.

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{"id":15545924,"title":"Gruesome Testimony Revealed in Love Murder Trial","duration":"1:52","description":"George Huguely is accused of murdering Yeardley Love in her college apartment.","url":"/GMA/video/gruesome-testimony-revealed-love-murder-trial-15545924","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}