Tim Gunn: Ditch This Unflattering Item

Style guru says one piece of clothing should be exiled from your closet in 2012.
2:04 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Tim Gunn: Ditch This Unflattering Item
The revolution its about you get to -- Fifth and advice from your personal team of lifestyle expects to help you start your own mentally. I -- that I'm wonderful out of favor with tens of thousands of American women. The ladies you know that -- -- truth teller. And I believe that there is one item of apparel that should be exiled from their -- -- and it is. This. The cargo Capri pants it is the single most unflattering item of apparel in fashion history first it's the -- Visually it cuts off your like it makes you look shorter who wants to look shorter then you out -- pockets and it makes your legs look wider so short and -- doesn't make any sense. And I'm confident that part of the allure of this path as the fact that when you're buying it going to have to fit one that aspect of yourself that your -- but in fact. You need hands the -- all the way down to your shoe it's gonna make you look long lean and fabulous. So Diane. Let us send your walk with just a pure denim -- that will go all the way to your shrew. And we'll see how much more -- you'll. -- -- -- So Diana has returns. And Diana bigger now wearing a beautiful -- -- the goes all the way down the trigger books which is where should -- Now and that is the lesson ladies these cargo from. -- -- look like a teenage boys pair of shorts. These are fashion no no and I'd like to say give them away or take them somewhere where they can be recycled their true. Horrible use them to wash your war -- -- something with but -- Getting robots are -- -- form. -- revolution coming January 16 to ABC daytime. And for more tips check out FaceBook Twitter and abc.com.

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{"id":15216120,"title":"Tim Gunn: Ditch This Unflattering Item","duration":"2:04","description":"Style guru says one piece of clothing should be exiled from your closet in 2012.","url":"/GMA/video/gunn-tim-style-cargo-fashion-guru-style-15216120","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}