Guy Fieri's Slammin' Holiday Appetizers

Chef, author of "Guy Fieri Food" prepares perfect party foods from his book.
3:54 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Guy Fieri's Slammin' Holiday Appetizers
All right so -- -- counting down to Christmas with -- an author. Guy he -- he's here with a few recipes that will certainly spice up your holiday party. -- and appetizers from his buckeye. It's called Rachael vs guy celebrity cook off the debuts on the Food Network on New Year's Day -- welcome my finals. I -- I -- 730 eating their. It is where we're let the cat out of the back up the back. -- that's you're down before nailing this the right way everybody's into the appetizers and and they actually are saying is that thing you've chosen and that working out like your party's you don't want to be -- you're gonna want to. Everybody's -- your house it's holiday time what are you gonna do you can't you just can't give the net cheese -- and you know yeah. Kelly goes so far so we're gonna -- -- particularly to know what's great about this yet they. About when you Brian what you're doing is creating the -- most assure your fortifying the flavor of the chicken just by itself that you could take you can roast and good -- good -- whatever. My recommendation don't want -- she -- cold winter months. Put him in the oven now he's got he's -- wings so what comes as -- hungry. Well let me go to Google barbecue sauce -- -- this -- -- some garlic some -- And a little bit of honey and some salt and about six cups of water in all orbited you. -- an explorer a couple of hours eight to twelve -- is you've got it. Take this court right over the top islands let's this is the exciting part -- -- you have big -- chicken. I just can't tell our audience these -- called firecracker wings -- reason got a real. Back when you get it the recipes cookbook we -- to -- them on set here we we've marinated and here bright and here we step over now the debate to cure the big insurance we have. And when Rachel I do the show guide it Rachael vs guy celebrity cook off these -- the techniques were teach in the celebs like how to get in this and how to succeed -- a don't over cook the wings don't put directly over the flame and -- them. After the cook -- some honey don't why -- why after her because she got does not see got a bunch sugar right there. We got a little bigger that how to heal burns of you put it into direct heat right now watch try to -- -- chicken. By the -- the chickens -- this is all burned right. So Rochus Oslo but hot sauce that's -- me it -- you can -- yes I I was a little spice to what are you facing yet I'm behind you. Right ahead and also good a little sweet -- We'd get a little sesame oil. Clearly don't -- a little watch the public. -- -- Now -- deceptive -- can be held for up to a couple weeks that you make this ahead of time to get this really -- sabres shots could be a walk sauce for you now. We take this the sauce is done the weeks have been bride we have. The dry we don't want a budget that would go to budget which on federal securities and that's hot it's hot special trust and proceed along the Chinese do not look like the wings that we all think these are a little bit cleaner -- not it's dripping were saying and I sort of -- -- and actually. Rendering them -- the -- and everything but that is a key words and head rendering down a fat segment Gemma rendered a gas. But when you get these -- and here's what they've done. This case you've got both sides little bit Chris -- it down the -- nice and crispy now now this is where we come in. Start hitting -- could play. -- -- the rock concert yeah. Larry not. People -- or not you are starting -- stage we're into. Let me show a couple of the things we'll make it real successful -- yet during this holiday time. This -- lemon grass -- have a nice and healthy we've got we've got a lemon grass skewered chicken here with the Green papaya. Yeah in this and mores pizza and the bombed. That. Got the -- -- -- new recipes in the book buck. He does not our website Good Morning America dot -- -- -- marsh no so let me grass -- Do you what do you yeah. Rachel -- yeah. Then in charge of the -- not.

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{"id":15161213,"title":"Guy Fieri's Slammin' Holiday Appetizers","duration":"3:54","description":"Chef, author of \"Guy Fieri Food\" prepares perfect party foods from his book.","url":"/GMA/video/guy-fieris-slammin-holiday-appetizers-book-guy-fieri-15161213","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}