Plus-Size Model Battles Back Against Wave of Criticism

H&M's swimwear model Jennie Runk says she's fed up with the negative comments.
2:51 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Plus-Size Model Battles Back Against Wave of Criticism
ALL RIGHT, ALSObLBMBURNING UP The "heat index," plus size model who was the star of h&m's new swimwear campaign hitting the beach in abikini. Her message to young girls, quit worrying about your size. There is nothing wrong with them. We love that and abc's bianna golodryga has more on that. Welcome. Good morning, guys. We should all have as much confidence in our bodies as this woman has in hers. After ten years of modeling 24-year-old jennie might be perfectly happy with how she looks. After a recent spate of negative headlines she said enough was enough and penned an extremely raw and personal letter she hopes will help other girls like her. Willowy, waifish and blond, wordsynonymous with women in fashion and aweny campaign is rocking the fashion world and making everyone reconsider what size a model should really be. Jennie is the star of h&m's latest beachwear campaign. Size 12 to 14. In an open letter this week she's making waves by railing against people's obsession with size. People assume plus equates to fat. Which in turn equates to ugly, she wrote. This is completely absurd because many women who are considered plus-size are actually in the line with the american average." I think there needs to be more models of every shape, size, color, type, everywhere in all of the media. Reporter: After being discovered at 13, jennie had a choice, lose weight and maintain a size 4 or gain a little and kick-start her career as a plus size model. Being 13 and growing into a woman, I knew I was going to end up gaining weight anyway. End up getting hips. Reporter: That kind of confidence served her well in an arena where retailers like abercrombie & fitch refuse to offer clothing in her size. How did you avoid or overcome negative thoughts about your own body and self-esteem? I took some time to really get to know myself and once i figured out who I was, what i stand for, you know, everything ABOUT MElí Really know and love my body, i realized that I am the only person who can judge me. Reporter: After the launch of the h&m campaign jennie is on to hoping she started a conversation that may change attitudes about beauty and the mean girl culture that sometimes comes along with it. Do you see this as an industry that's only going to continue to grow? I think so. I certainly hope so. There's a misperception that the modeling industry is so cut note and the girls are back stabbing. She said she received most of her support from fellow models. I'm very happy for her. That is the new face of healthy american beauty, I think we would all be very proud. All be very proud. She's gorgeous. Yep.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"H&M's swimwear model Jennie Runk says she's fed up with the negative comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19200670","title":"Plus-Size Model Battles Back Against Wave of Criticism","url":"/GMA/video/plus-size-model-jennie-runk-battles-back-wave-19200670"}