Halle Berry's On-Screen Transformation: 6 Roles in 1 movie

The "Cloud Atlas" star discusses her latest movie and life behind the scenes.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halle Berry's On-Screen Transformation: 6 Roles in 1 movie
superstar halle berry. She joins fellow oscar winner tom hanks playing different characters over 12 centuries. And cameron mathison got the on-cam transformations. Reporter: Halle berry may be recognized in roles like "die another day." And monster ball. You make me feel real good. Reporter: On the set of this, halle got no recognition from her daughter looking like this. I've got this rotating thing on my eye. That just blew me and my daughter away. She was fairly freaked out. When I finally said, hi, honey, I saw her leave her body. And I don't think she's still over the fact that so frightened her. I mean, the teeth just made my breath smell. Reporter: Breathtaking for halle. What's going on in here? Reporter: Playing six characters over several centuries in "cloud atlas." Itart out playing this CHARACTER IN THE 1800s. And I eventually evolve. An extraterrestrial high priestess person. We find over souls in other time periods. Reporter: Other souls include tom hanks, susaner sarandon. And hugh grant. I had several conversations before I knew it was hugh grant. It reverberates hundreds and hundreds of years. If you look throughout history you can see how actually it's affected where we go. In my life, I think about what imag I'm modeling for my daughter, decisions that I'm making how that will affect her in her life. Reporter: Just in general, how are things going for halle berry? It's okay. Just living life. Reporter: It's easy to think, wow, halle berry's got it made. Do you have it made? It's what having it made is. Do I have a daughter that is the love of my life? Okay, I have it made. Acareer? Okay, I have it made. Amazing friends and families, things that make me feel like i have it made. Like everybody else, I've got the challenges of, you know, motherhood, and this world that I live in, it's not always the easiest to navigate. I feel a lot of pressure sometimes being a publipublic figure. And I'm mindful of everything i say sometimes. Sometimes, that's hard to bear. Just one person with my own opinion. I'm mindful of that. That's really important. Reporter: "Good morning america," I'm cameron mathison in los angeles. "And cloud atlas" opened nationwide on friday.

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{"id":17533539,"title":"Halle Berry's On-Screen Transformation: 6 Roles in 1 movie","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Cloud Atlas\" star discusses her latest movie and life behind the scenes.","url":"/GMA/video/halle-berry-interview-cloud-atlas-star-screen-transformation-17533539","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}