Halloween 2012: Makeup Artists' Transformation

Cameron Mathison fools his own children after undergoing extensive makeup session.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halloween 2012: Makeup Artists' Transformation
Now, to a real-life halloween faceoff. Our cameron mathison stopping by one of the wildest makeup rooms ever for some very spooky inspiration. It's the workshop where movie magic is made. And what a trooper cameron was there. He got a special behind-the-scenes look. Good morning, cam. Good morning. I did not know what I was getting myself into watching these master craftsmen transforming into a creature that not only my own kids recognized. In my guest for the most amazing halloween costume, I headed to the very best. Optic nerve special effects. The backstage team of the cable monster hit "faceoff." Where the best special effects and makeup teams in the business make movie magic. Working on me are the people who brought the words"hunger games" to life on the big screen. And brought the real-life look to tv's "csi" franchise. Their costume lab looks like a halloween museum. Check out some of their past work, just hanging around. Some of them are a little scary looking, to say the least. We're going to turn you into a spooky goblin for halloween this year. Reporter: A spooky goblin. I'm sitting with one of the best special effects makeup artists in hollywood. Why are people so fascinated by the effects? I think for the first time, pulling back the curtain and allowing the public access to what are pretty secret techniques, in the way that we achieve physical makeup effects. On screen, it has to look real. It's our artform to create something that's demonic and scary enough. But real enough so people can imagine it exists. As we go through this, we'll ask you if you're okay. Give us a thumbs up. Reporter: To make the mask appear so real, they have to make a plaster of my head. It's called a life cast. Yikes. Look at me. Over a week, the process sometimes takes three weeks, they sculpt, paint and finesse a clay mask that's like a thick layer of my own skin. Then, the application takes two hours. New eyes and teeth. Fangs, I guess you would call them, are added as the final touches. And there I am, a blin. What do goblins do or say, i wonder. McKENZIE WESTMORE IS "FACEOFF'S" Host. In my first interview dressed as a goblin. What makes a great mask? It's the little nuances. The little tches on top of everything that you have going on. Things like the neck, perfect. Reporter: And the nose. Exactly. Reporter: Looks so realistic. It does. Reporter: How do you think my kids are going to react? I think your kids will freak out. Reporter: I do, too. And who better than my children to grade my costume? I was afraid I'd scare them. But they liked it. That's cool. Okay. I'm not going to lie to you. My daughter was a little scared. She wouldn't make eye contact with you. She was a little scared. I was going to wear that mask for halloween. But it cost $15,000 to make. You're looking at my halloween costume right here. A "gma" special contributor. Your face is priceless. A lot of people would pay money for that. Thanks, cam.

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{"id":17606565,"title":"Halloween 2012: Makeup Artists' Transformation","duration":"3:00","description":"Cameron Mathison fools his own children after undergoing extensive makeup session.","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-2012-costume-makeup-ideas-makeup-artists-transformation-17606565","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}