Halloween Costume Dangers

Advice for parents on how to keep your children safe this Halloween.
4:01 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Halloween Costume Dangers
-- the two biggest hazards cars and fire. That's right George Halloween is great but it can be hazardous thanks to that potent combination of bulky costumes mega sugar fire. And darkness. Costumes and candles can be -- deadly combination. Little princesses and pirates get too close to an open flame the fire travels fast. Just going to tell you with the help of underwriters laboratories were going to show you. The pants of this robot costume burned slowly but the foam body section went much faster. Plus -- -- minutes of that started. And the customers basically gone -- this point. And I can feel the heat from -- -- yard away clothing sold in the US is not supposed to easily ignite. And this princess costume is an excellent example in fact it goes out on its own. That's great because girls' costumes are usually more flammable because of all the extra glitter and glue. And it's not just costumes but accessories we were worried the long flowing wig on this cost him could easily dip into a flame. And sure enough it burned so hot the head fell off the -- can. It just adds another whole element that can catch fire are absolutely and long bulky costumes are another potential fire hazard and same goes for some sleeps like the -- -- on this -- -- But fortunately the polyester fabric of this costume melted slowly rather than burning fast and that's something to look for. By contrast this zombie get up looks like cotton and keep your eye on it because it's -- -- fast you should avoid other natural fibers like linen in June 2 including when making homemade costumes this. This is something that could be very very serious about ignited. Most of these costumes contains the same fire warnings and yet they -- very differently. -- -- -- -- -- -- When you like all five on fire at once the contrast is obvious even though we found no correlation between flammability and price. And they -- -- But the fact this summer we'll -- more and some are mighty -- Lets companies that make these costumes told us their products undergo rigorous testing and meet all federal flammability standards. Three minutes. This is what we have to our customers and completely disappeared. -- -- held up pretty well and Linus. Well nothing -- the problem is there's no way for parents to know it'd. Dance mix burn fastest and that's why it's so important to keep all -- him away from candles. And. That's -- fire officials urge you to use these little battery operated candles instead. Put this in a pumpkin and it really does look like the real thing George interior does the that's a lot about the fire there Eli beer I think -- to head off the second. But what -- what about that other big danger cars. Yes so safe kids says -- on Halloween children are twice as likely to be struck by cars is on any other night -- if you think about it most Halloween costumes are dark like the 1 I am now wearing. So we're gonna simulate for you what it's like. Dark costume on a dark road on the count of three let's -- the lights 123. And now I have basically. Disappeared but get this we still have to headlights on me. So now the solution. Take off this outer cloak and I've got all these fantastic Halloween -- reflectors. Bracelets glow stick necklace she wanted to protect adults to a -- got a -- of -- black who. -- -- -- Just a few dollars brings a lot of -- To play them it's very very big -- especially thanks very much we have more safety tips and Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!. Including ways to decorate your home more safely.

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{"id":14801769,"title":"Halloween Costume Dangers","duration":"4:01","description":"Advice for parents on how to keep your children safe this Halloween.","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-costume-dangers-14801769","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}