Halloween Costumes: Sex and Violence

Are children's Halloween costumes too much, too soon?
4:18 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Halloween Costumes: Sex and Violence
-- so it's not just too sexy too soon parents are talking about costumes that are too -- too soon. Depicting some of the -- violent characters for young boys. -- get ghosts and goblins. This Halloween this scariest thing for parents just may be what your kids are wearing. -- -- -- -- -- -- Suggestive costumes. Like haley's risque cat nurse even -- to -- sat on modern family are you kidding me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I won't pay -- ten dollars to go put on more clothes. Pumpkins and princesses which were once merely cute. Have transformed into -- CN salacious. But halter tops miniskirts and Jeremy addressed a six year old can even dress up like a chamber -- One of the biggest sellers this year Mattel's precocious monster high costumes. We showed bloggers from the site bombs in the city some of the hostages be found for -- -- little girls this year they felt this to children as young as five. Appropriators appropriate. -- you know. Hello doesn't Camelot I think it is everything. I'm concerned -- who I think we are not programs to over thing. Over analyze all of these execute have to remember kids we -- -- leotard isn't pretty but it's not just revealing outfits parents are talking about. It's also how gory some cautions have become. The kids taking a cue from horror movies like. The Texas chainsaw massacre. In the movie. Their character the creature. Took the skin -- his victims and created his own -- -- -- kids wearing a mask that depicts human skin and. This is for a five year -- terrifying looks like -- zombie doctor costume meant for kids as young as four. Inspired -- Schwartz -- to create the website too scary costumes dot com and it's -- desensitize them to violence. -- I believe they come to place really believe that such things are well. And -- standard for what's inappropriate. And what's wrong and -- -- difference between right and wrong undervalues. I think starts to -- Schwartz berg says if children are too young to see horror movies they shouldn't be allowed to Wear the costumes either dressing yourself up -- constant -- coming. That character and assuming the role of someone who -- who -- who tortures. And across the spectrum have to think it has an effect not everyone agrees at Ricky tick costume shop in New York. They say it's all just an innocent game of dress up. Do you think some of the conscience can be too scary. For younger children would you ever think about taking them off yourself it's harmless because it just looking -- -- when I was told that wanted to vehicles sort of monster Frankenstein. It's it's something that's scary to be fun but -- -- -- different they don't do every day and confidently expressing some. -- -- -- And we reached out to Mittal first statement about those monster high cautioned -- and girls -- The monster high characters further the fun that they are their monster features inherited speak to universal truth. Everyone has days when they feel like a monster and they do not fit and and here is my 82 year old girl and that. So you know that I know the doesn't bother yeah yeah. -- view but this kind of thing that I think personally as a mom is starting really young that the -- -- the finger -- Cologne than that doubles so I don't want to close since the great unknown about -- you know kids -- his -- I guess who she looks -- -- as you know and if it's not a huge deal with -- -- to keep in mind right He had and she's only 2% of his hard to make -- kind of caution -- -- -- when your -- so what does this Charlie Sheen and dozens. That is one of the top selling at a cost this year I don't -- -- -- oh. You like Charlie -- My old buddy Charlie and he's gonna tweet that look anything like -- now really -- your -- take that off. Yeah it's are you aware. And most exciting and a lot more information web --

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{"id":14809014,"title":"Halloween Costumes: Sex and Violence","duration":"4:18","description":"Are children's Halloween costumes too much, too soon?","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-costumes-sex-violence-14809014","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}