Makeup Artist Makes Haunting Halloween Transformation

Goldie Starling, 30, transforms herself into Davy Jones in elaborate makeup tutorial.
3:00 | 10/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Makeup Artist Makes Haunting Halloween Transformation
-- -- -- Go starling hair and welcome to apparently -- -- Going to be doing them Halloween we'll based on her so first thought we had this work. Which isn't it Jones and I have on Clinton his client and I kind of create my home look pretty Jones he's not really pirate users. He's just some reference that means that you can. See you next to him -- it's. -- necessarily pirates but I thought he kind of funds making it -- -- he loses about the ocean of the -- anyway so. He had little secret terrorist hang on space and articles and then. You. His sister -- immediately see -- on the mountain the united I don't know. Just. Except for the didn't -- this morning will have a -- how teammate he's got. As well as you know and he hired him decency -- and -- -- that -- editorial and thinks they're watching. And again it looked like having my eyebrows that trip they if you want to see -- idea that click on the little ship right here beside me the important -- As the black parent who say happy happy -- -- Next that I mean isn't rose eight pitches and that incorporated he -- an amusing is to fly -- here my belated start this -- And they measly six pieces C -- -- change. Sand dollars and made it easy candy -- actually have a tutorial on how to do that. You can -- -- down prescription and subsequently in video to see how I think that's. As -- hip displacement of the president on my -- as well end up in the hills on -- money here. They take star Christina actually want to save your ears you gonna have to be patient. And hold a little star whose -- place. -- -- -- -- Not holding it long enough and I had a couple of little. Guys ran away from the that we are -- application and he actually is that they. I think and again on my face in front pages and a and -- -- and there's no real. Rhyme -- -- it is -- -- the only thing it looks at where -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Scenes of the barnacles you -- -- This here but it reflects the scheme. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And create excitement going floor. This particular look my sockets are pretty much -- he blacked out -- -- My foundation and so it is mapped it out with the -- -- Propane is sticky and stinky and a little -- -- -- over each of those. The coast -- his -- I -- green stands represented CB of course. So let's get -- foundation -- Damascus rich cream and HR. 100. And then and -- seventy statements that. The first is raving beauty is restless -- and this is from teacher or. -- -- Act like a foundation -- perhaps. I thought about doing this -- and are able to get into the -- and practices -- the barnacles and Eagleton Linda some of that foundation. Mean probably best the interests. An awful lot of people -- your -- It's just it's easier for that this. -- -- and it faces skin and Green Zone inside the ear. It's. Hospitals. Whatever pieces skin gently and just making -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just -- an independent film. Set it in place. Little Irving -- prior coaching primary wins. -- -- -- This new. Next that would have seen me -- -- time. This year the green. Basically for -- -- Going into the thin little -- -- -- creating adult -- -- Spain's seat the honor for me to call them. It's just 6% believe -- -- -- symmetrical that it can be viewed differently side. Well along is that gonna go ahead and -- and articles. -- coat Hokies have also is to make it forever blast happened to be taking victory in the ground. And it just kind of right along the edges of he is the world's darkest skies are barnacles and you know anything that's growing -- my -- -- It's his native village green around it. You this -- that out what you're seeing here you know he really works. And it in gonna -- his. He liked about him. Expect her face that we have fun fact for us this is this hybrid basically. Island -- -- -- and and it is filling imminent that -- in an empty space and every every -- skin. Now we having pets. Yeah me passionate -- -- not just an attack that over the secretary of that same green going seem to find my lips and this kind of -- -- in this is kind of Nancy lit. I wanted it -- the eyes. You know look at -- -- dollar and just -- -- -- -- time. To finish up let everybody is that green space -- and -- us. -- again -- and have. Have a bit of time just looking up words and creating a little -- evenings. Residents and you can add a little bit of black -- Believe it. Here's the best part home will hold these moreover it is lose sponge painting want I want you to take a face paints. Can -- a little water on him. Think that these phones is that all of your face they treat early and often texture breaks that kind of book you scheme. -- -- Are. They. Transparent telling -- -- didn't look like it's wet. If you can't be anywhere hot where you can again I think -- would suggest this does that make up -- -- off your face. But it just creates like the coolest affected patients -- just. Glistening -- just came into the ocean. I had had a pretty Johns -- to tour today. To announce my house and she's described on the -- -- -- -- -- -- enjoy it. And you can also coming out in the basement and put out talking. Company. I think I can see you others and probably Wednesday community. -- who. Me Graham. -- --

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{"id":17483225,"title":"Makeup Artist Makes Haunting Halloween Transformation","duration":"3:00","description":"Goldie Starling, 30, transforms herself into Davy Jones in elaborate makeup tutorial.","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-makeup-tips-2012-makeup-artist-makes-haunting-17483225","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}