Halloween Safety 101

UL shares decorating tips to keep your ghosts and goblins safe on Halloween.
2:18 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Halloween Safety 101
-- are here at underwriters laboratories with John -- and hurt consumer safety director nice to see -- -- -- -- And as you can see we're talking Halloween decorations. Absolutely you know element of the second most decorated -- here and you. All different -- of their -- decorations including Campbell's. OK so what's the concern here well. It -- you want to make sure you keep them away from work and certainly to be playing them again and getting ready for -- And certainly we weren't partner and I'm here possibly spends more. -- -- -- Like I'm very well. -- you've got one alternative here that's getting more popular game a little battery operated only slightly this looks exactly like -- -- -- And really eliminates the safety problems. And it -- nice -- it happened here and act like animals are anxious well. Howling like more and more people are putting up and place them personally when it was look at your decorations you have read bloggers. Or open -- and having a problem that greatly it won't -- Let them make sure it was last. Don't use metal nails -- staples. And damaged insulation and -- either fire hazard or as a at a factory memories and you're decorating doors thank. And like -- that make this oh it's. Almost. That's protest. It's all it's inordinately. Outside -- not know that things. Absolutely and remember way back outside his extension or. It was extension cords and mind that it's best thing happened outside -- -- victory -- And really run accident or went home Port Orange and white -- from here He pulls up and experience like. So really fire hazard trying to inspire him in shock hazard here's it's it's like us. Make your Halloween scary inspectors would eat we wanted to -- -- people all the right reasons. Exactly okay thank you so much pleasure there you go great tips for this Halloween.

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{"id":14800618,"title":"Halloween Safety 101","duration":"2:18","description":"UL shares decorating tips to keep your ghosts and goblins safe on Halloween.","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-safety-101-14800618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}