A Frigid Frightening Halloween

Snow, storms and freezing temperatures expected to chill trick-or-treaters.
1:06 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for A Frigid Frightening Halloween
weather, snow, storms, freezing temperatures casting a cold spell on so many trick-or-treaters. Ginger tracking it for us. That's how the cold air comes up. We have been so warm in so many places. Trick-or-treat temperatures, 7:00 P.M. Chicago, 38. Let me tell you, winds on the lake could push some of the waves up to 20 feet later today. It's going to feel colder than that. Even Tulsa, Indianapolis, mem Memphis, 40s, 30s. Freeze watches Saturday morning, from Colorado to Ohio, Virginia. Even parts of Alabama and Mississippi. So this is no joke about the cold coming in. If you have the plants and the growing season, that's a serious part of it. It's going to affect it. Ends a little sooner. With it comes snow in parts of the lake. It's already snowing in northern Michigan. We have heavy snow winter storm advisories, and windy and rain. And Maine gets snow here. That's the look at the storm. But Saturday is not pretty. Even without a flake of snow. Raw, my favorite word. Couple extra layers. Turn now to the fiery plane

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{"duration":"1:06","description":"Snow, storms and freezing temperatures expected to chill trick-or-treaters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26597503","title":"A Frigid Frightening Halloween","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-weather-frigid-freighting-halloween-26597503"}