Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?

Women receive "hand-lifts" to turn back clock by hiding wrinkles and spots.
5:25 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?
Out to the hot new way to try to turn back the clock so many people heading to the doctor's office for surgery designed to disguise. Their real age -- will have to bring about this that you do you thank you very much. Does channel went in did hey -- candidates -- right and you know every year we -- about -- Americans spend billions of dollars trying to look younger everything from face lifts and Botox and specialty grains. But as it turns out there's one body part that a lot of people tend to forget about when searching for the fountain of youth. Madonna is one of the most. For women in the world but -- her hands -- giving away her age. Bloggers online speculated she even wore gloves at the Super Bowl -- keep those hands from making her look older. Just like the wrinkles on your face your hands can reveal your age but now new technology can remove sun damage and even restore lost volume. This -- on the hands -- thinner than the rest of the body in between sun exposure and aging hands few wrinkles even thought earlier than other body parts. A few years ago calling David one and younger hands she went to New York City plastic -- Sydney Coleman for a hand rejuvenation. I grafting is taking fat from one part of the body refining it or concentrating it. And then putting it into another part of the body. Doctor Coleman took that leans back while she was under IV sedation. And and a two hour operation he treated it and injected it back into her hands. And here's the after a more youthful looking hand. And. The reason directing is so important in the -- hand because it not only fills but it also. Improves quality of the scare. But -- a fat transfer isn't for you New York City dermatologist doctor Doris Day doesn't handle live to its soft tissue filler ray -- that looks very natural. It's an immediate effect and I don't have the harvest or use any anesthesia so it's something we can just do it and out. Her patient -- is getting married soon and once a plump up her hands. I've noticed that I have my mom's hands -- It's -- like to rejuvenate a little bit. The sometime after five minutes of painless injections it's over. Yeah looks really good it is Fuller -- can't see the -- as much and then two and then and the wrinkles in your hands. Proving it is possible to turn back the hands of time. So you wondering how much these cost -- like radius cost 550 dollars and higher depending on how much you use. And the pumping treatment transferring your own fat and your hands. 141000 dollars blew out my goods are not cheap now but we're all theater what is the best we have here is still at the busy doing the same thing yeah.

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{"id":15985423,"title":"Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?","duration":"5:25","description":"Women receive \"hand-lifts\" to turn back clock by hiding wrinkles and spots.","url":"/GMA/video/handlift-comsemtic-surgery-hands-hands-give-age-15985423","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}