Happy 1st Birthday, Prince George!

The royals release new photos as the newest member of the family turns 1.
1:49 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Happy 1st Birthday, Prince George!
? by George, you're growing up. Overnight, Clarence house tweeting these official pictures with the #happybirthdayprincegeorge. The chubby-cheeked overalls-wearing future king and proud parents marveling at butterflies at London's natural history museum. The now 1-year-old prince walking in the photo footsteps of his famous father and uncle harry before him. Overnight, the duke and duchess thanking everyone both at home and overseas for their warm and again joust good wishes" as they prepare to celebrate George's big day. The middletons will of course be there. So will prince Ari and the queen is expected to pop in for tea. Reporter: From his very first appearance in his parents' arms the royal wave already mastered prince George has become the new prince of people's hearts. Well, he's got a good pair of lungs on him. Reporter: From his intimate christening to mastering his first steps on the polo pitch little George capturing the public's fascination, wherever he goes. Wowing the crowd on his first official royal engagement down under and making his debut at a royal crawl-about in new Zealand. He also stole the show from the animals at the Sydney zoo and what to make of the pregnancy speculation about an heir and a spare, only time will tell if this future king will have a royal playmate any time soon. At least, a human one. While George doesn't have a little brother or sister yet, the dog is almost a sibling to George at the moment. Reporter: You can mark the day with a very special souvenir. The royal mint is making a commemorative sterling silver coin for George's birthday. It is sterling silver, no word on price.

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{"id":24660115,"title":"Happy 1st Birthday, Prince George!","duration":"1:49","description":"The royals release new photos as the newest member of the family turns 1.","url":"/GMA/video/happy-birthday-prince-george-24660115","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}