'Harry Potter' Tour Will Reveal Movie Magic

Warner Brothers will launch tours for fans to see how the movie series was made.
3:46 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for 'Harry Potter' Tour Will Reveal Movie Magic
-- is -- you Harry Potter fans Warner Bros. launching the making of Harry Potter studio tours later this month. -- ABC's nick what was in the square sneak -- for all of us they met. Good morning George well listen JK rattling has said she went right anymore -- books and everything she's written they've. Already made into a movie so what's left for the young. -- heads well this studio tour nine. Going to sneak preview. They've read all the books they've seen all the movies all that's left is lower than -- London Brent -- top. The magic. World of Henry -- I don't want your kids to note this is even a possibility. -- -- Grateful scene of colorful bolts -- -- vandals are still here in these studios where they may departure come to life that's a real stone -- the tables are still and they. With silverware. -- signals through debt for a moment Harry Ron and Hermione for highs in the CNN. This man cost the potter's spell the production designer Stuart great. Every time you see a long shot a wide -- of hope what's console in the movies in the first six movies. It is case. Remember when it was covered in smoke well. That was actually salt. Remember when it was on fire and crumbling and at last moving well. That's the only movie in which the -- who wasn't used they took a digital Stepanovich. It's what it is. This is hog warts reserved on this and states and twinkling lights and they'll. Stuart Craig and his team were set the gargantuan task to recreate what took shape in minute -- JK -- mind. -- read the books and -- through -- She executed it with such certainty with such confidence it's always a challenge is always going to own novels that films adapted from books. But this especially. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because Harry and his world have crystallized in the imaginations of millions of kids all over the world remember the common room. I got to walk right through when Daniel Radcliffe fresh set foot on these incredible -- he felt like he was stepping into -- pages of the books he read as a case. The -- -- dormitories here in every detailed -- -- -- grand trunk and -- Reminds me of my boarding school and it's to post -- ever wonder -- shot Harry flying on his broomstick well. Build on this contraction. -- -- stuck in the background makes us that is good when you can see the news scenery. This is old actual scenery from the movies and this. -- -- -- The detail is obsessive the effects. Mesmerizing bull's penis and investment of affirmation of -- -- effects of JK rattling. Likes yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- Your -- got out of my favorite stop on the tour died gum Alley they built the whole thing the signs and the window displays move. Maybe this isn't just for kids. And you know I'm not the biggest Harry Potter -- on -- but I loved -- perhaps it's because these are the actual sets and they still seem to. And then generate a bit of magic Elizabeth you must take -- -- George. I think you'd like it to. He's got to work expense they were just talking about yeah. How hot.

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{"id":15857162,"title":"'Harry Potter' Tour Will Reveal Movie Magic","duration":"3:46","description":"Warner Brothers will launch tours for fans to see how the movie series was made.","url":"/GMA/video/harry-potter-tour-reveal-movie-magic-15857162","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}