Hate Next Door: English Defense League's War Against Radical Islam

Anti-Islamic protest movement and radical Muslim rallies have made Britain a battleground.
10:07 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Hate Next Door: English Defense League's War Against Radical Islam
I just have. They decide racists. Looking down the street with Tommy Robinson he's dangerous business. What's he saying now and you. He is the founder of what many considered to be Britain's biggest -- Group. His name has become a symbol for anti Muslim hatred. If ever had in this neighborhood at least Robinson made remarks -- Robinson who calls himself and a soldier. -- Yeah. -- he's feasible. America's -- -- time was gonna happen this is what -- this is coming right. -- -- I'm -- I'm not coming back. On one side British born radical Muslims who don't -- Obama can go for the presidential primary -- -- The only one -- -- -- -- fighting a holy war against the west. -- And -- sure we'll go to. -- I'll never comes. -- -- a group of -- Please -- and hope for the White House. On the other. Far right movement Robinson founded. English defense he says that emissions. Fight radical Islam. But -- -- became synonymous with racism -- has some of those again. Members connected to hate crimes Hamas bombings. It was tempting to -- Haiti outside his racist thugs -- There's fear but so -- ordinary citizens were responding to that message. I have to find out lying on any is that John -- but as a Muslim women myself. I've spent -- all my life PAN London. For years I've reported from both the mid -- We'll -- they would the -- and -- act this is a very happy moment for both William and Kate. But as I was about to find out this is the assignment where those worlds collide. Point and -- -- mom. He's old death -- of people's -- and do my journey began in northwest London it's just constant -- state. I met the leader of the infamous -- lightly like. -- -- cents a -- -- flights Julio industry ought to make usually keep rates. Robinson wanted to show me what he -- the Muslim area of his hometown. It's more -- these and again. When it has been made in English -- -- -- Well that's plenty to discuss AS. This is my town this is -- ample. There's not wanting this person that is not in the shops on the insist on diet and avoids this is an essential to license so it's not all. -- -- have to say it. Everything that I -- past eighteen. -- -- -- -- If you -- was saying we don't want almost instantly each other -- -- and sleep -- -- it was but he does admit there are racists in his group would do. -- their -- -- perspective. We've got 2000 minutemen is an instant terrorists are in this country. That wish to -- not -- war on this country. Now my biggest -- is that the twenty values that will be 20000. That's -- around our budget is a follow up. Energy is an englishman. To do anything we can't prevent that always the -- -- -- -- and they -- it. This is an attack -- a genuinely shocked the world. A British soldier attacked and the headed on the streets of London the soldier who was stabbed to death. You make me want to knife wielding Muslim convert to -- is described themselves. Soldiers of this horrific attack took place right here behind me as some reports his -- this hideous crime -- likely thing was noise again. A few homegrown radicals using my religion as an excuse for unspeakable. Nobody was immediate and enough is enough the center of the Tony Robinson had. Memberships gone well he's he's Jewish and who is -- patriot who is numbness spreading across its concrete. As not just like disagree with the tactics of the EDL -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because like most Muslims I condemn any violence committed in the name of all -- -- -- But there are extremists among us tonight tracked them down at a rally in east -- agonizing -- and loving wife Barbara and her husband whenever this piece is -- -- three founder of a radical Muslim group that was banned under Britain's terrorist act. In this video you can see one of he -- -- killers just over his shoulder. I don't know spinning me -- -- -- -- I didn't hear folks you've got to look at the validity just from the -- -- -- If you look government as -- as driving most of his group would never speak again that's the reality when things went inside -- the movement and. And then suddenly I found myself closed its -- free food and -- White House a protester. You know its. Yeah. All of a sudden it at all that would bar -- -- know when you guys come it's really getting out of hand almost like an. And Cleveland. I don't think anybody who doesn't I imagine counting until -- -- -- NASA space that's -- slice. Rallies are only one way -- his followers weren't sure -- Several in his network had been imprisoned for their activities also -- Syria patrols. And none bigger -- -- -- the cellphone videos -- younger Muslims that filming themselves. Fronting on Muslims in the streets of London remove yourself away from the mosque. Bonding and into the bay Islamic rebels. -- -- It's lousy you're looking for almost -- every likes the fact make. Harassing people they believe to -- made it night and women they considered dressed in the motor city. I'm that we don't kid opening its -- category for -- can't is so Great Britain. Indeed implementing Islamabad all knicks really yeah. I'm not a regime change and -- Up -- -- size one attack at least part of -- days in British born Muslim convert who frequently pizzeria patrols in East London. Do you do that kind of thing -- -- -- issue. Story of -- How will we haven't done particular a patrol. Bob nobody condemned I think it's no known you all on governor condemned and it's not a -- business who supported me. Of the Muslim I'm living in this society and -- something wrong hobbling on a definitive. He agreed to let me come along on patrol and I had no idea no -- expects. So here we are on the streets why toppled Friday night what does it. They are hoping to achieve tonight this is one of many -- -- -- become out of me. Engage the -- utility -- -- Islam it's plus plus local campaigns from Syria to UK how. Paul are you waiting to to get silly little across the world please use violent means -- -- in the future what lies ahead. A tribute concert -- -- To what extent defense. To get what you want that Jihad is well you know about thing is an open and open aim -- the security is established. I think that'll be the beginning of the end of the United States of America -- -- of Europe and the knowing and I would. It's probably being governed by my made no. Meanwhile all the members of the patrol were busy taking down ads for escort services. Someone actually naming these people and tell them what -- -- is completely unacceptable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In fact female modesty was quite a source Wallace do you think I should be covered up. I believe everything woman -- -- yes I'm kidding me now. I'm offended I think I'm restless not the exhibit you don't I didn't think that's. I'm surprised because of the question -- you've been off me. They seem quite aggressive very anti Islam anti -- he do you realize on the that's so it is vital to all -- -- Good thing is -- we can identify -- while professing. -- moved from from some seconds -- I was stunned at what I was hearing that night we were in London just a few miles from -- -- Does not trying to remind the relative to quote of the identity of being listened. But even more disturbing was the -- they seem to have -- -- -- street I was most impressed with consistent enough. -- -- -- Troll was urging them to give up any sense of loyalty to their country. -- what I -- it also. -- -- -- -- Even found a young man who's winning converts almost pointless believe. That nothing nothing has the right. To be -- That being a law that but. It was good to do love this maybe. Myself he called --

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{"duration":"10:07","description":"Anti-Islamic protest movement and radical Muslim rallies have made Britain a battleground.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23359896","title":"Hate Next Door: English Defense League's War Against Radical Islam","url":"/GMA/video/hate-door-english-defense-leagues-war-radical-islam-23359896"}