Haunted Houses: Fact or Fiction?

The "GMA" team goes in search of real haunted houses.
3:06 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Haunted Houses: Fact or Fiction?
If you're suspecting that your house is confident we asked viewers that question and we -- -- -- replies that we -- one house and we sent him eight paranormal expert. For a check up. I wouldn't -- Amityville horror bludgeon teams from the lone. In poltergeist. It was a hand reaching out of the television. In the gambrel home the signs of -- -- things are everywhere. Shadows moving through the house. Doors opening on their own footsteps in the hallway. And then the lights. We'll -- the -- and we had all the the lights were off in the neighborhood. And all of a sudden the -- came miles. -- when GMA asked viewers for a pocket house -- gambrel jumped at the opportunity to get his family home in Talladega Alabama checked out. -- shared with his parents before they passed away and now he's here that mom and dad still stopped -- It was a way of their communication to me to tell me that I went alone here in someone's. Still watching out for me. But -- his house really -- We asked chip -- world renowned medium and investigator for -- paranormal state to come visit. He walked through the house looking for signs. Her mother that had something that was abdominal. I'm getting it abdomen in this room. He says he infielder president -- parents who and that's that touched on the back like this. Right -- in this parliament just like right there. And a lot more. This room feels like it could be very -- I think these spirits. They're drawn from -- good then and mysterious. Who's the woman with look it feels like it's the beginning of her name. Like -- -- your -- Panetta miss. It is not every messages about the present -- the past sometimes it's about people you haven't met yet. The -- feels like it could be very -- -- felt that his house was full of more spirits than just his parents. All -- -- call you -- say is dated a hospice worker is bringing his work home with him. Lots of times. You're one of the last people they have contact with on the face of the earth so. Naturally -- feel a kinship. Before they won't just be on the safe side -- sweeps the rest of the house for ghosts stone up flashlights. The living room and kids' bedrooms are clean but it's sandy who comes back with -- -- Nancy. A good patient and they just called -- that it -- -- -- it. And turning search for that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mine he convinced now yes -- -- minutes left but the show is making me very nervous.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"The \"GMA\" team goes in search of real haunted houses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14844440","title":"Haunted Houses: Fact or Fiction?","url":"/GMA/video/haunted-houses-fact-fiction-14844440"}