HBO Examines Modeling In 'About Face'

The new documentary takes a look at the real lives of supermodels.
3:40 | 07/30/12

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Transcript for HBO Examines Modeling In 'About Face'
We move on now. It's said that beauty is a fragile gift. That gift can fade over time. How do you face that when you have made your living for being young and beautiful and told so for your youth. A new documentary on hbo called about fate, looks at the lives of the supermodels. Really was just about making money to help my father pay for education. It was never like, oh, I think i am so gorgeous. You live in a bubble where everyone tells you how beautiful you are all the time. Reporter: Carol, beverly, christie. They struggled with feelings of insecurity. And the last taboo, aging. The you grow old, you don't count anymore. Reporter: About face, airing on hbo, takes a look at fashion industry. Modeling has nothing to do with self-confidence. Working off your looks makes you the opposite of confident. Reporter: This photographer says beauty doesn't fade, it e involves. You had the ceiling falling down in your living room would you not go and have a repair? Reporter: If you're a model and you make money off of being young and beautiful, what happens when you're no longer young and beautiful? You do what all the women in the fim have done, you reinvent yourself. They're beautiful, smart, very wise women. Reporter: Carol alt, known as the face, for gracing the covers of 500 magazines, says she doesn't want to be retouched. You're still modeling. I think there should be more of that. At 51, I don't want a 15-year-old selling me a $100,000 fur. There's though way I would believe she's a socialite. Reporter: Tina emerged from the ashes of world war ii to become the first nonwhite woman to model on a fashion magazine. At 82, she's enjoying a comeback. Do you think they fear not beauty fading but the limelight fading? It goes together, right? You're in the limelight because you're beautiful. If you can't do wieal with that when the beauty goes, you better have something else. The women in the film all went on and did other things. They accuused their name in the best way possible. Reporter: Beverly johnson says while there is more diversity on the runway, not enough has changed. She reveals how modeling gave her a warped sense of body image that she still carries to this day. I can look at somebody that is painfully thin. We're talking with my girlfriend, wow, she needs to eat. But secretly, I'm saying, i would like to look like that. That's how crazy that industry has made me as far as weight goes. Reporter: For "good morning america," juju chang. So many in the film talk about how to stay relevant. They feel women need to seehe beauty in growing orlando. older.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The new documentary takes a look at the real lives of supermodels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16886098","title":"HBO Examines Modeling In 'About Face'","url":"/GMA/video/hbo-examines-modeling-face-supermodels-now-16886098"}