Health Officials on High Alert After First US Ebola Case

CDC dispatches a team of disease detectives to Dallas after patient is diagnosed with deadly virus.
6:15 | 10/01/14

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Transcript for Health Officials on High Alert After First US Ebola Case
But start with the ebola diagnosised in America. The patient is in quarantine. The ambulance is out of commission, the emts are quarantined as well. It's still spreading in Africa. We have full team coverage from Texas to Africa starting with Cecilia Vega. Reporter: The patient is isolation in a unit. And they are wearing double layers of protective clothing. The CDC has been expecting an locate case on American soil. Now that it's here, they say they're ready for it. This morning a frantic community searching nor anyone who came in direct contact with the ebola patient, now in critical condition in this Dallas hospital. Honing in on a dozen people the man came in direct contact with. Including the first responders who picked up the unidentified Liberian man in this ambulance. Now in quarantine. And family members in Texas the man was visiting. Can you tell me anything more about his condition? I can't tell you anything more. Yesterday in the press conference, one of our physicians described him as awake and talking and hungry. Awake, talking, he's hungry. That's a good sign right now? Well, that's better than other things. Reporter: The man left Liberia September 19th, apparently already infected with the disease, but not showing symptoms. Meaning he wasn't contagious to fellow passengers on the plane. The man likely had layovers in two or three cities. Potentially in both Europe and the U.S. The journey can last as long as 43 hours. He landed in Texas September 20th. But on the 24th, symptoms began, triggering the possibility of spreading the virus. On Friday the 26th, the man came on his own to Texas health presbyterian, but was released because the illness was not unusual. This time he returned to a hospital and was admitted. On Tuesday, tests confirming the man has ebola. Authorities say they are confident the situation is under control. I have no doubt that we will control this importation, or this case of ebola so that it does not spread widely. Reporter: While the city of Dallas is on high alert. The mayor activating this emergency operation center. And the CDC has dispatched what it calls a team of disease detectives here to Dallas, vowing to take every precaution to make sure the epidemic spreading through west Africa does not spread here at home.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"CDC dispatches a team of disease detectives to Dallas after patient is diagnosed with deadly virus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25884931","title":"Health Officials on High Alert After First US Ebola Case","url":"/GMA/video/health-officials-high-alert-us-ebola-case-25884931"}