Health Warning About BPA in Food Cans

Dr. Richard Besser discusses the chemical used to stop cans from eroding.
1:52 | 11/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Health Warning About BPA in Food Cans
George now a health alert just in time. For Thanksgiving you know many holiday -- include canned cranberry sauce and other canned goods and now there is. A new warning about a chemical found -- those metal cans the chemical BP A which has already been removed from many. Baby bottles because of health concerns our medical editor doctor -- professor is here with more on this -- also bit more about what BP A is about these findings. Right in this is very surprising EPA is -- chemical -- used in plastics and it helps keep the keep -- solid in an inflexible. One of the places that -- used his in the linings of cans it prevents the medical the metal from corroding. So they what does he does the EPA from that liner get into your food so they took a group of 75 people and they gave them canned soup once a day for five days. What they found was after five days the level of BP and their body went up more than ten -- me a big rise in BP A after two days it was -- under normal do we know how much BP A is too much well I mean that's the problem animal studies show that high doses of EPA. Are linked to cancer heart disease early puberty but it's a big step with those large and going from large animal -- to what's harmful in people. The NIH is putting thirty million dollars into tiny into that question. Just last year the Food and Drug Administration as you mentioned before. Raise concerns about BP A in baby bottles and manufacturers took that information and said okay we're getting BP -- out of baby bottles. All the interest to deceive you give food manufacturers now say let's get EPA -- -- camp liners that was publicly get a limit our exposure well there are things you can do you know -- it we're talking here about canned foods so the more food who did you meet its fracture were frozen. That will eliminate the BP from the -- -- If you're buying food in plastic don't heated in the plastic that material because that heating can actually release of the BP A in the year through those are a couple things to do. The successes there.

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{"id":15014129,"title":"Health Warning About BPA in Food Cans","duration":"1:52","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses the chemical used to stop cans from eroding.","url":"/GMA/video/health-warning-bpa-food-cans-15014129","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}